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it's really cute!

Hi RogueDeus,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with the demo. It's indeed strange as the game is designed to be quite accommodating, even running smoothly on older hardware like a 10-year-old laptop I use for testing. Here are some common causes that might be behind this problem:

  1. Low Disk Space: While you're right that this is becoming less common these days, it's still worth checking if your system has enough free space. Insufficient disk space can sometimes lead to unexpected behavior.
  2. Outdated Video Card Drivers: This is a common issue. Please make sure your video card drivers are up to date. Outdated drivers can often cause compatibility issues with newer games.
  3. Background Applications: Sometimes, other applications running in the background can interfere with the game. Try closing unnecessary applications to see if that resolves the issue.
  4. DirectX Issues: Ensure you have the latest version of DirectX installed, as outdated DirectX can cause display problems.
  5. Are you running it on windows 10 emulation (example from Linux)? I know this can cause issues.

If none of these solutions work, could you please provide more details about your system specs? It might help us diagnose the issue more accurately.
And also, can you try it on another PC?

Let me know,


Welcome, bold adventurers!

On a scale from "zero" to "final boss," we're at least "miniboss" level excited to announce that you can now get your greedy mitts on the demo for "The Crazy Hyper-Dungeon Chronicles"!

Here it is the link:

Here it is a gameplay trailer:

Immerse yourself in a chaotic, pixelated world where each level is a new beginning, every room a potentially murderous unknown, and every enemy a challenge that will test your coolness and strategic skills. Ready to start the hunt for the Sacred Groowl?

The demo gives you a taste of our personal reinterpretation of the classic dungeon-crawlers of YGOD™ (Ye Good Olde Days):
- Innovative combat system that blends arcade action with turn-based strategy.
- Randomly generated levels to ensure a unique experience with every new playthrough.
- A succulent arsenal of weapons and special abilities that adapt to your playstyle.
- Dialogue loaded with nerd humor that enriches a memorable adventure.

Folks, it goes without saying: your feedback is as precious as gold. We will listen to your experiences and painstakingly collect your advice like scribes to refine the game until its release in the fall of 2024.

So, put on a comfy pair of boots, check your equipment and supplies, and dive into the crazy world of "The Crazy Hyper-Dungeon Chronicles"! We can't wait to see how you'll fare.

Catch you on the Sixteenth Level!
The Development Team

P.S. We almost forgot some additional very useful information:

Roguelite Dungeon-crawler Adventure

Steam Page

Press kit

Can I ask you if you intend to make a 16/32 version of these?

I'll do this in the next version, thanks for pointing it out

Or please tell me where to contact you in private. Thanks!

Hi Elthen, I just purchased these assets.
I have a small request for you.
Can you please contact me: paolo.nicoletti  [AT]
Thanks in advance!

I just uploaded a new version, maybe now it works. Anyway thanks for your feedbacks!

Thanks for your feedback @anothercastle

I think I will increase numbers a bit (the problem is the space but I will see what can I do)
About the empy space it has been designed to be a little "airy" but for sure many things will still change!

Thanks for your reply! Have you tried to clear your cache in Google? Sorry for bothering you but it works very well to me in chrome (in win 10) and I want to exclude problems.

Hello Kanomus, tell me, which browser and operating system you have?
If you want, can you try another browser? Or can you try to clear the cache of your browser and retry?
Thanks a lot!

Game screenshots

The adventure screen

The combat screen

The dialogue screen

The skills panel

The powers panel

Link to the demo

In a nutshell

This is a demo of an upcoming roguelite game (still unnamed). The game will feature up to 50 different levels, combats, a crafting system and (we hope) a nice story. 

What to expect

Players will embark on a journey through this treacherous dungeon, fighting their way through hordes of monsters and bosses, collecting loot and crafting powerful weapons and armor to aid them in their great quest.

As players journeyed through each level, they will face new challenges, each more difficult than the last. The combat system is fast-paced and intense, with players needing to use all their skills and wits to overcome each obstacle.

Despite the challenges, players will be eager to dive into this new world, will be eager to explore its many levels, discover new secrets, and become the ultimate champion.

This demo

This demo consists of two parts: the first shows the basic gameplay of the game, in fact in the first simple levels you will find labyrinths, traps, buttons, teleporters etc etc.. 

The second is focused on fights and a detailed tutorial has also been provided to explain the basics: you'll find lots of monsters with different characteristics precisely because... it's a demo! 

The final game won't just be about that, but that's how it is right now. 

Thanks for your time and nny constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

Hi Pixerelia, I've sent you a friend request on Discord because it told me that you do not accept messages from people that are not friend.

Can you add me there or can you write me your private email address? Please send an email at iltimido[AT]


These are great portraits. But please forgive me I do not have understood well the "sanctions" problem. I mean, you can sell yout things on isn't it?
However right now I'm developing a game and it's a bit too early to give you a list of the portraits that I need but I really would like to buy them from you.  Can you contact me by email? Mine is paolo.nicoletti AT

(1 edit)

Hi mate, can you put a preview of all portraits: in low resolution jpg with watermark on it. I need to know what's inside. *

In addition I would like to know if you make portraits on commissions, they are beautiful.

* stupid me, I got here directly by a search url then I went to our page and noticed that the cover of these assets are what I was looking for.
However just tell me if you make portraits on commissions, thanks!

Hello Pita, can you kindly reply to my email? (Paolo N.)

Thanks in advance

Link to the game:

A screenshot you can hear:

In short:
Will you make it to the entrance of the Temple? And what will you find inside?
With a little patience, a few swearing and a few attempts, you will find out!

I reproduced in the browser, as faithfully as possible, the first level of a game released 39 years ago (1983) for Commodore 64 named Aztec Challenge.

The graphics are obsolete by any modern standard but the gameplay and above all the music are still excellent.
With regard to music, several remakes of that hypnotic melody have been produced over time and I have included them all (asking the authors for permission).
In this way it is possible to face the first level with the original theme (PAL or NTSC) in the background or with one of the other remakes.
The original game is quite difficult, I tried to smooth out this difficulty a bit without making it too easy.

Technically, everything was written in plain HTML / CSS seasoned with a good dose of Javascript in ECMA6 (then compiled with Webpack).
The game is responsive and should (hopefully) work on any device even though IMHO it definitely performs better on Desktop.
The graphics resources were (patiently) taken from the original game as well as the music and sound effects (for these my friend Anton gave me a hand by hacking a snapshot of the game and by removing the music thus allowing me to record the sound effects smoothly).
Old games are a great reservoir of ideas, teachings and gameplay: I personally find them great for practicing doing something in modern programming languages.

Have fun to those who will try it! 

(1 edit)

Link to the game:

In short:
You have to defeat each gal of every single level to win the game.
There are 45 waiting for you! 
To complete a level you must write the gal's name by obtaining the letters contained in the specials tetrominoes (as you can see in the image below).

Here you can see how this game works:

Technical and inspirations: 
This game was written in plain html/css (no canvas) but obviously with a lot of ECMA6 javascript (compiled then with Webpack).

This game is my special homage to two great games of the past.

Although remodeled, the UI and the logo come from an arcade game named GALS PANIC (1990 by Kaneko)
Sound effects of gals speaking were ripped too by the same game.
Tetrominoes pieces were taken from the arcade version of Tetris (1988 by Atari Games).

There are also, here and there, some resources and sounds taken from other old arcade games.
Gals' photos came from ppts I've still in my old emails long before the age of social networks, when people clogged their inboxes by sending whatever.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it.

Hello everybody,
I wanted to share with you my latest effort made in a few months exclusively in my free time: a "rogue like/te" game. 

Technically it was written from scratch without the use of frameworks in plain html/css (no canvas) and of course a lot of javascript: it was quite a challenge.

It all started when I became passionate about algorithms to generate random mazes ... then the project got a bit out of hand and this is the final result.

Another important thing is that I was able to buy all the graphics (which I personally find very nice, but I really love pixel art) by spending few money on the sites of professional enthusiasts who sell their creations (in primis I write this because very often for us programmers it is precisely the graphics that block our creativity (and the desire to continue) because you can write the most technically excellent program but without the graphic assets made by professionals the final result will always be much less pleasant.

Finally, the game overflows with quotes or references to the masterpieces of the genre (or related genres).

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it.

Here is the link:

Here you can have a peek at the game in action:

Hello there,
Is there any guidelines available for uploading a game?
I get errors while my app tries to load fonts and I got errors when my app tries to load assets.

The path seems correct (in fact it runs well on any domains where I have put it).

This is the struct of the zip I've uploaded:

│  ├──chars
│  ├──items
│  ├──misc
│  ├──tiles
│  └──ui
│     ├──bars
│     ├──combat
│     ├──skills
│     └──windows
│  ├──css
│  ├──fonts
│  └──js

From inside my app I try to load for example the files contained in "assets/tiles" but I get this error

walls0.png:1 GET 403

This is instead the error I get when I try to load fonts from inside the css:

Anyone knows how to fix this issue?
Thanks in advance

Hello, I just bought this asset. Can you please add a frame where there is no fire? Thanks

Oh sorry, my bad. English is not my native language. I translated "still" like "more" and not like "standing still".
Anyway thanks for your reply.

Hello there I have a question (Btw I've bought this package).

My question is about the idle animation.
In the doc you wrote: "NOTE: There are still idle frames for up and side directions. I squeezed them into the sheet in rows 9,10,11, 4th column."

I can't get what frames I have to use in addition to those you noted for making the idle for up and side.I mean for the normal idle I have 3 frames that I "ping-pong" and it works well but for up and side I have no clue.
Thanks in advance