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This is a very good game ! I love the text at the beginning. The art is good, the starting text is very polished and the gameplay feels very nice and smooth.Really love this game.

I do not understand japanese but the art is magnificent. The level editor is also great. My favorite one right now

Game fun and ai outstanding. I do not know how you did this ai with its different attacks but it works very nice. Also, I did not understand how you can choose the capital but the game is very fun and it has a very cool art style

Fun game, good idea and pretty good execution, although the puddles sometimes appear directly on you

I know... I can't get the game to work on browser, sorry

Thanks a lot ! I was going to do that but i woke up and there was 30 minutes left... I didn't have time to make the menu, the end or the cursor...

The game is very fun and i liked it a lot :). Don't know what to say because it's good in every way

Really good game ! The game has very good graphics but it is a bit repetitive... Overall a very good game with very pretty pixel art. :)


Thanks for playing my game ! It is true that sometimes you can't see anything with the background...

Insane work ! Very fun

I can see why... Sorry for making it too strong next time i'll make it better :)

I wanted to make it feel like you were really falling but perhaps I made it a little too strong

Thank you very much, but your game has much better graphics :)

Sorry about that... but thanks for stopping by and playing my game (even a tiny bit)  !

This game is so sick.
5/5 on everything

this game might win the game jam it's insane how good it is for a 3 day game

insane work i think you have a chance of winning

Fun and addictive, wish there was more !

pretty fun but not a lot of gameplay

damn art is really dope

i don't get why you move so fast and why the collisions are very wierd

the controls and collisions are so wierd and they dont work very well