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Hello men.

1) If i win i'll resign to prize 

2) There is no rule against that

3) I am participating in many jams at the same time

My purpose is to do a thesis demonstrating the failure of the voting system in jams, so that it is corrected in the development world and there are improvements for developers. I explain it clearly on my channel.
Have a nice day!

Gracias, lo hice con Godot 3.  Lamentablemente no me permite exportarlo para Playstation 5.


Y como sabes que no es el iman el que tiene propiedades parecidas al pepino?... porque una pregunta mayor... ¿que fue primero, el iman o el pepino?

jajajaja epico

Good game. I like the variety and interaction of the spells. Also i like the main idea. Maybe there're a couple of bugs, like treapassing some walls in some circumstances, or spells effects on enemies sometimes are not the spected. I like to improve colliders too, because some of the wall or trap colliders are too big for the bodies that represents.  Anyways, the idea it's cool and fun.

Cool game. I like a lot the mechanics. Gratz men.

Thank you, i really appreciate it

Thank you so mucho men!

Cool game. The part that i like most, is the ambience, you really know how to mix main graphics, animated backgrounds with the main theme of the game, even if the designs are not so complex. It's a very interesting work. The only objetive suggestion i can give to you is that it's a very rich game and work, and i like to see rich and original mechanics too.  Congratulations.

The inspirational song for my game was "The Last Battle", created by John Williams for the movie Private Ryan.