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Okay, so the little plums fly over your babies. Makes sense, that's their thing, but I really don't think they should fly over charmed enemies. It makes Mystery Egg more of a detriment when it's entire source of dps not only doesn't affect little plums, but gives them i-frames instead!

Here's the link!

Thanks! Me not responding for a while is a good thing btw. But, sadly, now another bug has popped up. On night three of an OPSEC i tried interrogation a Dr.Ochre as an enforcer, and now I lost connection and can't reconnect. It acts the same as the previous bug did, only later.

Since there isn't an official thread for it, take this: Reply to this thread with any suggestions you might have about the game! Have a class you think might be cool? An ability you want to add or change about a certain class's arsenal?  Just have some quality of life change you want added to the game? Put it here! 

[Note: As this is unofficial, there is 0 guarantee that what you suggest will be added. This is more of a place to just set down ideas.]
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When playing the WebGL version, I have crashed every time I've attempted to reconnect to a game. It manages to get to the beep, and then it says "An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser Javascript console for more info. The error was: RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds at [websites]". On the steam version, I was stuck day 6 on a loading screen for a night never to come. I'll post more bugs as I find them, but so far I've been able to play 1 1/2 of the 4 games I've tried, the only successful ones on steam. (getting in and crashing later is half of a game.)

"Sure, sure. It's also true that no billionaire just sits on a giant pile of cash; most of Bezos' wealth is abstracted into stocks, investments, and so forth.

But that's not the scope of this simulation. This simulation is about spending all of Jeff Bezos' fucking money."

The game itself says about that. They don't think net worth = money you can spend, it's literally just a game where you get to think IF you could just spend stocks like money.

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I do not know how to think of a proper response to that. Here is this place holder instead. Nice job on the game though! :D

So, um, how is this horror?

I'm pretty sure that was supposed to happen, I got it too. Sort of like a game-crash ending.

Okay then.

Did you mean to name this SUPERROUGE? (It's amazing! Like my two favorite games, SUPERHOT and RougeLikes!)

How many hearts in total are there on the map?

The one game that getting a checkpoint can kill you.


Allow flash on the website. I hate when websites are like this and don't show the 'Click to enable adobe flash player' Don't you?

I killed him ONCE and he thinks I am genocidal! I tried to spare him but he wont let me.