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Untrusted - Web of Cybercrime

The Social Deduction Multiplayer Hacking Game · By evolvedlabs

New update does have some Bugs

A topic by Ignominy created Apr 25, 2021 Views: 259 Replies: 5
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When playing the WebGL version, I have crashed every time I've attempted to reconnect to a game. It manages to get to the beep, and then it says "An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser Javascript console for more info. The error was: RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds at [websites]". On the steam version, I was stuck day 6 on a loading screen for a night never to come. I'll post more bugs as I find them, but so far I've been able to play 1 1/2 of the 4 games I've tried, the only successful ones on steam. (getting in and crashing later is half of a game.)



Sorry for the issue! The JS problem should be fixed with a version I just uploaded and the server side issue you were referring to should be fixed as well - thank you for your patience!

Let me know if you're still having issues! :) thank you!

Thanks! Me not responding for a while is a good thing btw. But, sadly, now another bug has popped up. On night three of an OPSEC i tried interrogation a Dr.Ochre as an enforcer, and now I lost connection and can't reconnect. It acts the same as the previous bug did, only later.


Hi Ignominy!

Could you please let me know the OPSEC link so I can investigate the bug? You can find your recently played games on your profile ( assuming that is your nickname).

Thank you!

Here's the link!


Thank you!