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Best game of the jam hands down. Holding to move would be great though, my hands hurt after a while :P Honestly, if you were to polish this and add a bunch of content I'd totally buy it. It would be great to see levels with different layouts and recipes (Overcooked-ish). And oh boy would this make a kickass couch co-op game.

You know, after a while I actually forgot this was a jam game, it's so nice and polished! Congratulations! I think you'll make it to the top :)

The title made me chuckle, the graphics made me laugh, and the voice was just icing on the cake. Well done.

This is honestly my favorite game in the jam so far. Great idea, kinda wish I'd thought of it haha.

Great game! I love the chromatic aberration filter you have going on, how'd you do that?

This was incredible. And that secret code made me chuckle

Apparently it's not working on Firefox at least :(

For some reason the character only moves left for me, bit annoying. The game is good though.

Super juicy, good job!

After the king showed up I couldn't move anymore. But up until then it was a lovely little puzzler! I really liked it.

This was fun! As advice, it would've been better with mouse controls, since aiming with WASD is a bit hard. It's also a bit too demanding for my machine :P

It has a nice look, but a tutorial or short explanation would've been nice. To be honest I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do...

I couldn't play for more than a few seconds because the character keeps going top left, and I cannot use the keys to move him... It's a shame because the art looks great