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Thank you for the feedback! It's really appreciated.

I loved this game. The graphics are great, the audio and effects are juicy, and it feels fun to play. Great concept.

If you find the art blocking the level a problem, you can go into settings and turn off parallax. 

I loved this soundtrack. Great game.

I can explain a little. The colors kind of clash, or just don't really look like they fit together. To make it look more futuristic, the walls could have been a bright white, and the gameplay area could be the same texture, but greyed out. The outlines can either stay or go, that would look good either way.

Even though it ties in to the story a little, I feel like the pixel person clashed with the rest of the game, and he should've been an abstract shape or a drawing.

I actually really like the music, the gameplay is pretty good and strategic, my only problem is the art. Even though it's minimalism, it isn't exactly good minimalism.


woah dude, thanks for playing!

Thank you! We really appreciate it.

the trick was not sleeping!

I liked the game a lot. The gameplay was relaxing, but I feel like it would be more streamlined if you could just use the right click to plant and left click to chop, and the bear traps felt unneeded. Other than that it was calm and fun to play.

This game was so good. The story and graphics were amazing, but the actual movement was a little buggy. Still amazing for a jam game. Loved it.

you were m i s t a k e n.

me >:D /s

honestly this theme was really hard to follow, so just whatever has the best art, gameplay and soundtrack, and a lot of them might be disqualified for not following the theme.

woah! You must be really good at the game because i can't even do that, that's some skilled gameplay.

Thank you?

you will win and most likely be in a vid about it

you can interpret the theme however you want, so I guess?

So hyped

That's what i'm trying with my game too! since it uses one button it'd be super easy to port to mobile..

i also made a game based on Brackeys' Cubethon and I might try to release it on Steam!

ya i made a game from this same tutorial but i also added a skins system, changed the colors and numbers for gameplay, and an endless mode

thanks! I really loved Baked with Love!

wow! thanks, i could update the game later to add a pause menu, i just couldn't fit it into the time :P

I love the warm color sceme!

I really like how you had Brackey's Cubethon idea, but then made it 10x better and better looking! The music is amazing. (this would be a great mobile game)

you literally stole this from brackeys D:

i love the way the title looks!

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Me and my friend are both middle schoolers making a game called Shotti in our first ever game jam, which is a developed in Unity (2D). It is an arcade style game about a gun that uses it's recoil to move, collect coins, and dodge bullets from turrets. My goal for this game is to make a game with a creative style and learn how to use sprites and UI's.