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you have to open the block comment and delete the contents. On saving the program will remove the comment.

Just created one:

Good. Thanks

Options added in git source. Will be available in 1.6 version. Thanks


Near to come the support for patching the memory while disassembling

Very good. Thanks

It uses Joystick in port 1

Expect version 0.8 soon (being testing right now). Version 0.7 has a (wrong) 20KB limit instead of 65KB in input file.

Added even new features..

Ice Team release a new iterative disassembler for SID, PRG and MUS c64 file

Get it here:

New files released with the option to use the internal Java Dasm compiler (it is the same used into the JITT64 editor), so the Windows DASM compiling problem should be bypassed now.

It seems that in Windows (unless than Linux) it is a little hard to use the automatic game function due to some errors.

Don't worry.

I'm modifying the source to be able to let you to compile in Windows too.

First I'm making more string errors in order to detect better the point of problem, then I'm chaining the batch file used in Windows.

So expect a new version uploaded as soon as I fix all.


I just look into the source and I see that for other project I worked, I create an CharPad chars import utility to the program, so you will have it too.


T8 Snake is a porting from Commodore 64 to PC  of P0 Snake by Antonio Savona.

There are 64 levels to play (31 as from C64, the others are complety new and more difficult).

Available at


yes, you are allowed



You can use the C64 executable produced by the GCK even for commercial release without problems or restriction (if you will use the given assets of LSS2 inserted as example into GCK for commercial release, you can use the the provided charset and sprites, however musics, levels and pics should be changed as created specifically for LSS2 to avoid confusion).

If you are a programmer you can also modify the ASM source of the game inside the Java program if you need to customize the engine and the C64 executable produced by it will be as stated above too.

You can modify the Java source code of GCK but redistribution of the Java source code and Java compiled JAR should be authorized. The C64 executable produced by modified Java source code can be used for commercial release as stated above without problem.


Edit the post with link. Thanks.

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Little Sara Sister Construction Kit was a Java program used for making the Little Sara Sister 2  Commodore 64 game released with Little Sara Sister Trilogy game pack.

It create an C64 executable with graphics, musics, texts and your created maps levels just with one click.

Source code of the game is available too and Java source code of the tool is available on request.

Little Sara Sister Trilogy was a Commodore 64 game released onto physical disk back in 2013.

Now the TAPE version is released for free.

It has 3 games in one tape:

  • Little Sara Sister
  • Little Sara Sister 1.5
  • Little Sara Sister 2

Get it from here: