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LSS Game Contruction Kit

Game Construction Kit for Little Sara Sister C64 game · By Ice Team


A topic by Ice Team created Nov 03, 2019 Views: 115 Replies: 1
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It seems that in Windows (unless than Linux) it is a little hard to use the automatic game function due to some errors.

Don't worry.

I'm modifying the source to be able to let you to compile in Windows too.

First I'm making more string errors in order to detect better the point of problem, then I'm chaining the batch file used in Windows.

So expect a new version uploaded as soon as I fix all.


I just look into the source and I see that for other project I worked, I create an CharPad chars import utility to the program, so you will have it too.



New files released with the option to use the internal Java Dasm compiler (it is the same used into the JITT64 editor), so the Windows DASM compiling problem should be bypassed now.