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Ibrahem Abassi

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dont be sad my game doesnt have player animation

really cool game with good art and good puzzle design but it seems dead because there is no music or sfx at least

really amazing game I think if you continue work on it and add more elements it will be a fantastic game 

Very cool game good art and audio and the idea that every cat has a different use is amazing it may be a bit hard but I really love it (maybe because I love cats) 

Why everyone use my same idea but in better way

Its a cool game with good idea and good ending but If you make more challenging will be a fantastic game 

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I started work on an android game called "Mr Space"

Its a platformer game .You will play the whole game with one button . I have made this game in GAMEplusJam game jam and I want to make it a full android game on play store .

The main mechanics are setup and the grafx are only for test I will change them later

Chick the current version of the game

I had test it and its works well

sorry for the restart I was so late to make the restart work well

thanks for your feedback I will fix all of that after the jam and I will make it better

sorry for that bug its the opposite one click to quit long click to play

sorry for that bug its the opposite one click to quit long click to play

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can i join with tow games

Xmas Fight is a multiplayer fighting game two players fight with snow balls and try to kill each other the game has 3 arenas power ups and healing 

this is my first game and I had upload it for feedback so any ideas or glitches please write it in the comment