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Much appreciated, thanks for playing! Look out for a new updated version later this weekend!

I like the whole mystery solving puzzle you got going on! I really had to plan out what I needed to do and even though it took a few tries, it was worth going back and forth. The music sounds really good as well. Nice work!

That means a lot to us! I'm glad you had fun playing our jam game. It isn't explicitly noted, but it is controller supported as well so if you plugged in your controller, it will work nicely. We are adding new elements and have touched up a lot including the camera rework, so check out our new updated version later in the week for more clarity as well as more exciting puzzles and level changes. If you have any questions, feel free to message us! Thanks again for your support.

Dude this is pretty awesome! Fun and exciting to really plan out my moves. I wonder how long it took you to plan out each level without going crazy haha. Awesome work! Check out our game if you could please. It would really mean a lot!

I like this concept a lot actually and the iso perspective was a nice way to have me focus real hard on where to place the arrows at. Colors are nice and it brings a lot of old school vibes. Great work! Please check out our game if you can.

Interesting take on rewind. Reminded me of the Impossible Game on Apple Store where you restart every time you hit a spike. A bit too challenging for the start of the game so I never finished it. Like the aesthetic but I would definitely lower the difficulty and expand on the level more so anyone frustrated to play won't have to deal with the same platform over and over. 

Visuals was very nice and I like the simplistic styles of using pro builder and the neon colors. Reminds me a bit of Portal. A bit confusing at first but got the hang of it. Nice work. Check out our game when you get the chance!

Noted. These are some great points you've made that we plan on looking into and fixing up to prevent any major issues in the near future. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, we went ahead and started to change directions and improve on the camera effects. Thank you for the feedback, it really helped a lot!

Pretty good game. I will say it does make it hard to coordinate at times but that's just me not using chat correctly. Nice work guys!

Been years since I've played Guitar hero which is one of my all time favorite games to play and this just feels right. The score system really made me want to keep playing and beat my high score every time. I kind of wishhed there were more song selections and difficulty levels but overall, the music style ya'll went for was awesome. Great work and awesome game!

So many Limbo vibes here and i really love that. Simplistic art style and minimal sounds but the ambient background feels just right and plays smoothly for the most part. Great work