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Hey thanks for playing our game!  interesting that you made it to the wetlands without acquiring double jump. Did you break through the rock floor at the frog boss before defeating it? Frog boss gives you double jump. 

Hey thanks so much for the feedback on this! Yes, so we also received another comment about Coyote jumping and is something we will def implement in our next game. 

I’m so glad you liked our game and played it! :) 

Yo thanks so much!

Fun game! I would like to hear this game with music and sound effects. Jumping felt kind of weird sometimes and when you climb over the pink block your character kind of moves through it a little bit. I like the 3d art you're going for in this genre! 

This is a really cute idea and I like how cohesive the art is. The controls felt a little weird to me. For example, when jumping it would be nice if I could move while still in the air. The ctrl key being the dash key made it kind of hard to reach that far while moving.

The intro music is really cool and fits the mood perfectly. 

I love the music in this game! The catchy and upbeat tune fits really well with the main character. I would have liked to hear more tracks for different areas as well as more sound effects.

This game has good design overall and I think it really fits into the metroidvania genre. The giant hammer puzzle and finding the fire blast for is a fun idea. The turn shaft rooms were really interesting and totally caught me off guard *in a good way*.

I was able to play a lot of it without a map, but it would have been nice to have one. 

Overall this is a super cute game with a fun art style and I'd love to see this turn into a bigger project!