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I love the music in this game! The catchy and upbeat tune fits really well with the main character. I would have liked to hear more tracks for different areas as well as more sound effects.

This game has good design overall and I think it really fits into the metroidvania genre. The giant hammer puzzle and finding the fire blast for is a fun idea. The turn shaft rooms were really interesting and totally caught me off guard *in a good way*.

I was able to play a lot of it without a map, but it would have been nice to have one. 

Overall this is a super cute game with a fun art style and I'd love to see this turn into a bigger project!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback. 

For my next project I'm definitely going to add SFX as I add features so that I don't push them off til last minute and then ultimately not do them at all. I really like the tumbler puzzle in concept (changing the path you can take through a dungeon), but if I ever use it again I'll probably separate the tumblers out so it's not just four clustered together, that's a bit too hard to build a mental map around (especially without an in-game map). Speaking of, there is a map you can eventually find, but it's hand drawn and not super helpful, designing a map system is something I'll also prioritize for Metroidvania Month 15.

Again thanks for playing - I'll give Domino a shot later this afternoon, looking forward to it!