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Oh, this is very cute ! Very sweet message. The music feels a bit out of place, but does emphasise the melancholy and bittersweetness. Thank you !

Oh ! Currently, both are set to 'true'.

If Ignore Time Scale is false, but Remember Read Position is true...
-Text readout pauses with editor pause.

If Ignore Time Scale is true, but Remember Read Position is false...
-Similar behaviour to both being true occurs
-All sounds play rapidly when catching up to current readout position

If Ignore Time Scale and Remember Read Position are false...
-Text readout pauses with editor pause.

When toggling them during play mode...
-works as described for each situation
-when Ignore Time Scale is toggled, the sounds from readout will re-play rapidly to catch up with current readout position, but continue from then as described for situation

So it looks like it's mostly a quirk of sorts, from Ignore Time Scale. Ideally, I think it should pause readout (as when Ignore Time Scale is false) when it's an editor pause, but regard to the Time Scale reference otherwise. As it's not a major bug, it's low priority and entirely optional.

However, another quirk I've noticed is when pausing, switching tasks, then returning, the text renderer fails for a frame, giving a null material. This appearance is kept for the duration of the pause when Ignore Time Scale is true. When switching back and forth again, the material is restored as if unpaused. No settings or data are lost during this, so it's also low priority imo.

Thank you ! I'll consider this 'solved' but also sort of as a bug report ? Good luck ! Thanks for all your help. <3

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Above attached gif demonstrates the effect. (alternative link here:

While a line of text from the Dialogue Sample  (with readout controls script attached) is being read, pausing the game in the editor does not halt the readout. While the graphics and sound halt, it is still being read normally in the background. Unpausing the game in the editor will update and the graphics will load, being at the expected 'point' as if the readout had been continuous. Everything else behaves as expected.