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I follow this game on STEAM as well and it got a 1GB update just a few days ago. Can we expect it here as well?

I think you posted a Maelstrom Update under ERAS II.

I will, thanks!

Well, as long as it is on your radar, I think its ok. No game breaker or something, just midly annoying. Thanks. :)

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That is exactly the problem, only better explained. I pick something up and the list sort of shuffles again. Thanks for reacting so quickly. :)

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I may found another small issue:

If you loot a body, sometimes items which are at the rear (right) of the list jump to the front (left) when you pick something up, Its not a deal breaker, but it can be a bit irritating if you want to pick up two things quickly and end up taking the wrong item.

And there seems to be a problem with the hud, not showing ammo in sea battles:


Hey, thanks for the quick explanation! So I think I am quite alright with ERAS II. :)

About the scrolling text: I am familiar with it, I used to play the AoP games. And it worked fine until the update this morning. It now sometimes just cuts out, disappears for a time or flickers. It sometimes shows up late, like if I board a ship and it shows the "You salvo killed ...." shows like 10 seconds later instead of immediately like it was supposed to.

Tried resinstalling and everything. No solution. I do use the older version where it worked perfectly now in the meantime.

To make this clear: I am talking about the Maelstrom engine itself. I tried it with diffrent "Games" like ERAS II and GOF 2.5. 


fairly new here. I am wondering what the diffrence is exactly between GoF 1.2, 2.0, 2.5 and ERAS II? 

So far I have only tried ERAS II.

I updated my Maelstrom Version 2 days ago and now I suffer from delayed text in the upper right corner, sometimes they appear suddenly 5-10 secs later. Sometimes they suddenly flicker and disappear. With the version before that, it worked just fine.

Thank you!

Best regards

Husky 1993