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Hey, thank for kind words and feedback!
You had some problems at the beginning - are you talking about not knowing how to toss a ball, or was there something else? I want to add a tutorial and it would help a lot if I knew what to focus on. I also intend to remake the whole movement - will simulate friction myself, instead of leaving it to the physics engine, it should make stopping less slippery and walls less sticky.

P.S. Is this Raven on your profile picture? :v

Great idea! After a while muscle memory kicks in and controls become less cumbersome. Replaying a level after wrong move, when you already know the solution, is very tedious, so adding a reverse action command would be nice.

Main mechanic of my game is switching between two robots by throwing a battery from one to another. In the first level you play volleyball to get familiar with controls, but the ball you toss is actually a battery but with a different sprite and physics properties! Even in hierarchy it's called "Battery", because my cheeky GameManager needs to find it by name with a string :v

If you want to play it, there is some important info in the install instructions :)

Nice idea! You really need to give some epileptic warning, because of that jittery camera, seriously.

So many things to do with only one button and the art is really cute!  Best adherence to the theme I've seen so far.

Only watering flowers felt a little grindy, because I planted them all and only then started watering them. I think that not spawning a new seed before the first one is fully watered would fix that.


Very nice visuals, vibe and matching soundtrack. Not much of gameplay, though.

The music was frantic (in a positive sense) and made me mash buttons at random at first, before I contained myself and took a more methodical approach. It was very fun, but also a little frustrating.

The end caught me by surprise! Walking straight into firing lasers felt unintuitive at first and it was pretty fun to overcome this feeling.

Oh stop it, you! :D

Thanks, glad you like it!

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Yeah , the "sticky" walls weren't intentional :v . To fix it I need to make the player friction zero and simulate it myself through the code, so he won't stick to the walls but also won't slide when on the ground.

For those wondering, the first level is kind of a semi-tutorial for movement and shooting. If you throw the ball a couple of times or if it lands out of you reach, the next level will be loaded. (You throw with Left Mouse Button)

I'm very happy you liked it! Thanks to you, I just added "throwing" to the description of button scheme on the game site. If I'll work on it in the future, a proper tutorial will be created.

Loved it! After finishing the game I got back to the first level to beat my score almost x10. Combos animations are very rewarding. If you could make the delay between death and restart smaller, that would be great.

Nice idea. Also, don't spoil the fun ffs ;D