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Great stuff. Have a few too many long term commitments on Patreon to join there, but did do a one-off here at least. Really happy to see a project such as this one actually wrapping up. It’s quite sad to see the amount of abandonware that happens as creators burn out or get way too caught up by the rest of life.

If nothing else, this milestone alone is a huge mark of success. Congratulations on getting here. Going to skip 0.11 and wait fro 1.0 to see the conclusion on my end, tho =)

As for hiding the patreon money…. again, as someone who didn’t make it into your patrons specifically, I can’t say anything too personal but I generally don’t expect any of this type of independent creator to be making significant amounts of money anyway. Things always look impressive until you check how much is rent, for one. Whatever makes you healthier, that’s the key

ooohhhh =)

huh… that would solve it, yeah. Not sure if I have any saves in that part to go back and check. My impression was that if I didn’t intersperse regular gameplay with foraging (so it was: main quest, foraging, main quest, foraging) so that the food from Robin was not enough actually, it was getting consumed still quicker than it was produced. I was hoping to at least get, say, two days in a row of advancing plot.

If you have double-checked and know for a fact it IS enough food maybe the issue is more conveyance regarding food mechanics? As in “it IS fine but because of how the game presents this information to the player, some people are not understanding that it’s fine”.

Nice stuff. You mentioned adjustments to the early game but I think the one part that I remember feeling like would do well with a tiny tweak while I was playing was the late game cave section, actually. Namely food production ended up feeling a tad too stingy there after <story happens and a solution to prevent everyone from starving is found>. Where everything was still so lean that you end up being forced to spend every other day foraging anyway.

I remember just being thrilled to have the chance to fish again because it meant I could advance the story a bit smoother for a bit. I get the thematic significance of the situation (and I played through the game in the “survival mode”) but it ended up hurting the pacing at that point a tiny bit for me. I mentioned this at some other point but not sure you saw, so sorry if you did and I end up sounding spammy. This is,for sure, a minor thing

Hey man, I get how it can be frustrating when things don’t work. But you gotta cut these sort of indie teams some slack. Most of them are something between 1-5 people working on some project that (like this one if you want to) is available for free, just asking people to give money if they feel like it. Also because of that they pretty much always have these as side projects and most of their time is dedicated to some other job that pays the rent. A lot of these people are also discovering the kinks and weird stuff in their tools as they go along.

It’s fine to be frustrated, I myself have got it and haven’t been able to run the game at all yet and yeah, it sucks. But keep this all in mind, this is not the same as <massive studio> just leaving things broken because they don’t care

Coming over here to second this. The linux build does have a few issues, ran into a minor one and one that is the breaking issue:


  • I normally use Lutris as a launcher and it gets confused trying to run the game? It seems to be trying to run the wrong thing and I’m not sure why. Launches fine from terminal or just double-clicking the binary tho

The bad one:

There seems to be some problem with the engine implementation. Since this is all trying to fire up electron and whatnot, I’m assuming you haven’t touched any C++ or anything of the sort so it’s probably not something you yourself did, but it’s broken alright.

As mentioned by OP here, the window title will get stuck at “Loading TyranoScript” but if you’re launching from the CLI it does tell where things go wrong and it’s an OpenGL problem.

[56791:0815/] [.DisplayCompositor]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glBufferData: <- error from previous GL command

Seems it’s trying to read from an uset Buffer or something of the like. Pretty good chance that’s why it’s not displaying anything at the very least

I just want to thank PinkTea for keeping the changelog updated, concise and informative

Having trouble getting this running through wine. I normally run wine games using Lutris as a manager but it seems Node has a hissy fit somewhere. Manually calling WINEPREFIX=<prefix> wine <game_binary> the game then loads but after the background with the lockers fades in the game stops responding to any input. It just stays forever in that image apparently. I’m going to keep trying for the moment. Just posting here to see if anyone else had issues, or if someone else does, to show they’re not alone.

No idea what engine this is (so don’t know to look for specific workarounds or how easy/hard it would be to…) Any chance of a native Linux release?

If you fully block an attack that causes bleeding, you prevent that bleeding. But that is not true with poison or dazed. Do you intend to add some protection against those mechanics or they’ll just stay as they are in order to be comparatively more dangerous?

Really happy to see this project wrapping up. It’s always great to see people’s work paying off.

Reading through the patreon post, the impression I get is that 1.0 will be steam-only. Is that the case? If so, I’d ask you to reconsider and also sell it through here. While I, personally, am already supporting too many different things to make the continuous contribution, I would be happy to make the one-time payment for the “full version” (I even did make a donation through here at one point already).

I’m pretty sure there are others in a similar situation, who would also prefer the option of purchasing the “final version” through Itch.

Again, great work and congrats on seeing your project through

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Nice stuff

Dropping that usual reminder for you guys to offer the full version through here as well (I know you mentioned you plan to do it at some point, hoping chapter 5 is said point). Still hope to get it, but still no intention of doing so through steam

+1 to thicc and to it being generally creepy to have the Knight assaulting the nun at night. It’s… just not the vibe of this game, imo

I was a bit sad that you don’t get a chance to try and save the elf’s mother and I’m still somewhat miffed that you are forced to lie to her no matter what. But those two are understandable. Especially the idea of forking the quest would be a gateway to spiraling content out of control so, ultimately, this is all what we have to live with, it’s no biggie

One thing that was a bit not here or there, I guess, is that with this new content I ended up playing through the whole game again, mostly because I had no way to tell that I knew of, what to toggle in the NG+ menu. So one thing that would be very handy for save-breaking updates like this would be to tag quests on the NG+ menu with the version they were introduced in

For future updates I’m particularly curious about what direction the Vampire is going to take. She looked like she had the potential to end up as an interesting character. Other threads seem to be all fine but they’re more straightforward, except perhaps for the bigger mess your sister has got into.

Mechanically, other than the NG+ thing, there are only a couple minor niggles. There are one or two minigames which still require mouse mashing (the spider cocoon rescue comes to mind) which is… eh. And it would be fun if, in combat, you had some way to defend from poison and dizzyness the same way you can prevent bleed if you block all the damage (other than dodging which is outside of your control). But these are pretty minor stuff. The base for everything is solid and I’m definitely looking forward to what comes next

I played it and I did like it a lot! Early days in terms of amount of content for sure but what’s there is top class. Can’t wait to see more

Looks like there was an oopsie on packaging the windows release. Only the www folder and the stuff inside it got packed

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LMAO, tried again from scratch and it just ran now. Guess either the download had got corrupted (haven’t seen that in AGES) or I messed it up when extracting somehow. So this was all a huge false alarm. OOPS =)

Yeah, I regularly play quite a few others (and have played them today, even). I’m sorry I can’t give better feedback but one thing I did notice is that, for whatever reason, the ren’py folders (like the lib/<platform> folders) seem to be quite different from other titles I have here, which is why I suspect some deployment weirdness.

If it did work for your friend, then yeah, maybe it is some more insidious weirdness. I get that error when launching through the shell script (the .sh file) which is normally the way to go with ren py games.

Happy to help you dig deeper and figure this out, though. If it turns out to be relevant, I’m running Arch here. I’ll try and give it another look tomorrow, if you make any tweaks and need me to double check something on my end, just let me know and I’ll give it a go

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Might be something wrong with your ren’py deployment. Got some import errors here trying to run on Linux.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/mnt/atraid/Games/MyPigPrincess-Public-0.1.0-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/../../lib/python2.7/", line 31, in <module>
    import locale
  File "/home/tom/ab/renpy-build/tmp/install.linux-x86_64/lib/python2.7/", line 13, in <module>
ImportError: No module named encodings
Monitored process exited.

Oh wait… I read it properly now… it seems to be looking for absolute paths in your dev/deploy environment instead of relative paths? Haven’t messed with Ren’Py so hard to pinpoint specifics, but I’m still fiddling a bit

oooohhh… can’t wait to check the new stuff out

Thank you for the detailed explanation. Dove deep and ran into Melkor, triggering the quest line as normal

Yeah, that one is a bit weird. I never found anything telling me to search for this stuff either. Just kinda came here looking for indications about “how much content is there, actually?” since there were a bunch of unavailable locations in the map and some of the comments seemed to reference stuff I hadn’t seen.

Hmmm….. I’m pretty sure I did? Went into the dungeon found whatever she was looking for, unlocked DP scene…. No dialogue available with her and no guidance from Naamu either so I’m guessing somewhere along the line the questline got broken maybe and skipped over setting this particular flag? Hmmmm….

I do have access to the dungeon itself (though the attic was a bit random and cryptic). Went down like 50 levels before realising it was endless a couple patches ago. Infinite money, all max stats… I’ve done way too much spelunking, if anything. But none of the mentioned dungeon scenes ever unlocked so I’m not sure what the deal is with those, they keep being mentioned in patch notes so I assume they’re supposed to be live

I can’t seem to unlock any dungeon scenes. Am I missing something?

Oh, look, it works! Noice! Was I entering it wrong all this time? WE SHALL NEVER KNOW

Did need to use the refresh to get the game to load so, very prescient tweak there =)

It’s a curious take on the metroidvania style with it being a roguelite. To me all the endlessly spawning ended up getting old, but not enough that I didn’t finish the game twice (once with each set of upgrades). The map does end up opening in interesting ways as you progress. Also, that being Thunder Lotus, it’s absolutely gorgeous. They’ve got likely the best 2D spritework I’ve seen anywhere. Worth a check for sure

Some of that new movement is giving me slight Sundered vibes.


With regards to the elf plotline, will there be a way to not be late to the forest event?

I was very confused when I was playing because I was actually having to actively try and make time pass for the event to trigger so when it was “oh no… if only I got here sooner!” it was a bit awkward. So if there’s no intent on an alternative path, consider this a suggestion to introduce some delaying event in there instead, so as to avoid the “but I was well on time, actually” sort of feeling

Always great to see a long project sticking the landing and actually coming to a close. Congrats on everything so far, looking forward to the ending

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Kind of bumping this because, I too seem to have gone around all there is to do in the temple and am apparently completely unable to leave.

Got a bunch of upgrades. Bumped into the boss that says it’s Patreon only. Went down into the water area with no mini-map where apparently a boss was moved away from…. The two possibilities that I can find are next to each other, in the big shaft outside the patreon-only boss, but both are one-tile gaps high up in the air.

Only place I wasn’t able to explore was the area to the left of the “main room” in the temple (the one that opens up to allow access into the water section) as that place seemed to be locked


Started a new game and a lot of things made sense now. And yes, I was indeed soft-locked inside the temple.

Upon starting the game, I saw the ladder leading up to all of the collectibles and was like “oh.. all right then. Sure, in development” and picked everything up. This allowed me to essentially sequence-break into the temple through the top entrance, by sliding in.

The rooms I mentioned, to the left of the temple’s main room are, in fact, the main entrance and it can only be opened from the outside. It also happens to be the only accessible way out which put me out of luck.

Maybe for the next preview build it would be helpful to add a tag explaining the collectibles on the start room and maybe regardless of this nonsense, a couple of buttons to open up the temple from the inside would be a good idea in general, just in case someone manages to do the same thing of coming in through the top.

Gave it a go (playing on the browser version btw) and the code didn’t seem to work. Seems I am, though, in the correct version as I received the ButtPlug item when I entered the Pleasure Chambers (still not allowed to play with devouts, apparently, only train) and Grogan does have his character sprite on the devout list.

ooohh, ty.

Glad to help. I’m a dev myself so I know how hard it can be to track down all of the weird stuff. For some of the stuff like, Chryseis, it can be hard to tell at times, so I point it out more in the sense that maybe you might want to do some signposting on these.

All in all, nice stuff. Looking forward to future updates =3

Oopsie in post title?

Played through this last week and it was surprisingly involved. Great stuff all around. Excited to see where it goes.

As a minor suggestion, consider relaxing a bit the food restriction in the cave section. I get what you’re going for in terms of fight for survival and all but needing to take every other day to forage even after “a solution has been found, kind of” gets a bit repetitive, especially as there’s not much “side content” going on at that stage (compared to cabin where you have multiple encounters to go through with each girl, etc…)

ooohh. Some nice stuff on this one. Also just taking the opportunity to remind you guys that I’m still waiting for the opportunity to purchase the full version through Itch =)

All right. So went back and tried double checking those:

For Nue, that was M/M, Top, then have him suck you. The next level of the menu never comes up so you’re unable to interact further, can’t even cancel out.

For the female devout. Your assumption is correct, that’s M/F. I was able to reproduce here with the initial devout (I chose the pink haired woman). Go through foreplay, then Oral -> Be Gentle -> Encourage Her took me back to the anal menu. Tried a couple more times with Gwynnifer and Bird Girl, but didn’t seem to happen. Also seemed to happen only the first time I tried.

A new one I noticed is it seems I was unable to prematurely end the encounter. Kept getting prompts which I think are responses to “Go down on her”

Just stopping by to drop some praise. Fantastic work all around. Can’t wait to see more. Seen someone praise the soundtrack in the comments and feel like it’s worth seconding that. What’s already there fits very very well. It’s super exciting to see the web of deception and complications getting more dangerous and complex, easily one of the best things I’ve played in the genre.

Is it REALLY a bug? You’ve written him pretty easy to dislike =P

Hey, this is turning out quite interesting but it looks like the engine is still giving you some trouble. So here are a few things I’ve run into:

  • The Ghost quest seems to have stuck for me. I’ve defeated the demon, quest log tells me to sleep on my own in the shrine, which I’ve done a lot but nothing ever triggered
  • There seems to be some inconsistencies in the menus in Madrama. It keeps asking me for gender preference every time I enter the palace, the treaty signing scene plays every time I talk to the ruler and the west (?) wing just doesn’t do anything. This entire area feels very WIP so it may all be par for the course.
  • Couldn’t reproduce but I once got the prompt for the pleasure dungeon upon returning to Thessila. I THINK maybe the first time after I took control of the town. It seem to work normally, was able to even keep the earned training points with my devout
  • Did eventually build the dungeon itself in the shrine (so expensive. Maybe consider lowering the costs of those while the game is not providing a lot of income?) and while I’m able to train devouts, I wasn’t able to use “play” (did only test with the initial devout as I gave up on grinding that after it didn’t work). Anal training option says it requires a butt plug. It’s not marked as upcoming content but I couldn’t find any in the game.
  • In the sexual encounter menu with female devouts, some options in the oral menu seem to take me back to the anal menu instead after they’re chosen
  • Had the game soft lock during sexual encounter with nue. Don’t quite remember what I was choosing, I THINK it was having him suck me
  • Bear’s quest is not marked as upcoming content but I was unable to complete. I assume his hammer is at his old shop in Madrama but that is locked
  • My initial devout seem to mention something about draconians in a lake a couple of times. I got prompts for a quest but can’t see it in the quest log and couldn’t find anything that’d trigger in any water body
  • When picking up the seeds in the Larklast area, the text prompt still refers to them as being from the Thessila area
  • There are minor typos in some places. Two that come to mind is that one of the blacksmiths (or was it the mayor of Thessila?) being referred as “the girl to talk to” and also I think one of the anal sex options with females implies you’re having vaginal sex instead

For a few non-bugs:

  • I wasn’t able to find the devout Chrisseys at all. My only guess is that she’s the slave for sale in Larklast but that questline doesn’t seem to go anywhere with the trader essentially telling me to come back later.
  • It is way too easy to exit to main menu accidentally from the town/shrine menus. I lost a bit of progress a few times due to that. Might be handy to get a confirmation prompt or something.
  • If implementing cursor position memory within the sex menus isn’t on the backlog, it’s another nice quality of life improvement to consider

All in all, this looks like an ambitious project taking form. With a list like this, it might look like “omg, all bugs” but with this sort of scope and direction it’s almost inevitable at this stage, I guess, so I just want to make sure no one reading this interprets this as any sort of whining; I’m just helping to spot some rough edges I’ve bumped into. Looking forward to how this project continues to take shape

Those are much better, yeah. It’s more the mashing aspect that, to me at least, is a bit of a put off. Otherwise, things are solid. Combat is quite fun, for example