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Thank you for playing, we're so glad the creepy aesthetic came through, we thought it would be a nice little twist to separate us from other walking simulators. Thanks for playing 'FLOOR NUMBER FIVE' as well, they're both great videos!

Thank you for playing! We made it for a game jam, and we're super proud of how it came out!

Thank you! We really wanted to go heavy on the visuals and I'm glad to see that paid off!

Thank you for playing! We were heavily inspired by 'The Platform' as we loved the concept of it and we decided to share that in game form! We're super glad you liked it, thanks again! :)

Thank you for playing and recording your experience of our game! We liked and commented on your video, thanks again!

Thank you so much for playing! I was laughing throughout and left a comment on the feedback in your comments, thanks again!

Thank you for playing our game! We loosely based the narrative off of the Netflix movie 'The Platform'! If you ever feel like coming back to the game there are more endings depending on how much you give and take :)

Glad to see you enjoyed our game, and thanks again for playing our games, it made me so happy to see someone play 'FLOOR NUMBER FIVE'. Apologise about the mouse movement, it was a little bit sensitive, but I'll ensure there are accessibility options in the future if players want to reduce the mouse movement. Thanks again, keep up the great work!

Thanks for playing and thanks for streaming it! And there were supposed to be a few more endings, however there was an incorrect variable when we submitted the game, so I'll be fixing that once the voting period is over :)

Thanks for playing and thanks for the comment, and I can't wait to update it to make it even more playworthy and overall more spooky!

Great narrative throughout, and loved the overall aesthetic. The only thing I wish for is that there was a little more to the gameplay, but that's just me being nitpicky. Good job :)

Very cool style and if possible I'd LOVE to see this VR! Loved the art style and gameplay, one thing I would recommend is having enemies be darker if they're far away, that way it would be easier to tell the distance. Great submission!

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad to hear you were so immersed!

Thanks for playing, and yeah 'The Platform' was our main inspiration, and we thought that it was such a great fit to the theme, we couldn't resist! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed our game so much, and I'll definitely have to add more audio to the intro and credits scene as that completely slipped from my mind when making it! Thanks again for the feedback! :)

What a great submission! Love the concept, visuals and audio and such a great take on the theme! It's surprising how even a few eyes can really bring a slime protagonist to life, great job! 

Thanks for playing and I'm glad to hear you got so immersed in the gameplay! There was supposed to be another ending where if the player made a certain amount of good choices, then they would receive a letter about getting get free, but that was a mistake on my end as I forgot to change a variable before submitting a game, however, we do plan on fixing that after the submission period is over.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

Very pretty and calming atmosphere! I'd love to see this game/ game world expanded upon as I felt like it was a little short, but other than that this game is stunning and audio fits it perfectly, great job!

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! Apologises about the bugs, we do plan on fixing that after the jam submission, there are only currently five days, so we'll make sure to mention that in the notes at the beginning. The writing was all thanks to DSFrostfall, he was the lead narrative designer!

Great submission and great take on the theme! The only thing I could critique on is potentially having a narrative in there (but honestly it's still great without one), and maybe have the art be more consistent, but even then I'm just nitpicking, this game was great, keep up the great work!

Here's ours, it comes with creepy vibes and a delicious food menu:

Thanks and good luck to you too! :)

Such diverse and addictive gameplay with all the different enemies and stats! The game felt quite polished, great job! Much like in some previous comments, I'd like to see some kind of boss battle to really ramp up the overall experience, but other than that, what a great submission!

Thanks for playing, as well as the feedback! There were supposed to be a few different endings, one where the player even escapes, so I'll make sure they're achievable in the next update, that and all the bug fixes!

Thanks for playing! We did have more positive endings, but I forgot to change a variable before building it, I'll make sure that's in the next update, thanks :)

Here's our game, featuring spooky noises and delicious menus! Can't wait to play your game too!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! We plan to fix those bugs right up once the voting period is done, thanks :)

Thanks for such an in-depth comment, filled with feedback, it's very appreciated. I'm glad to hear you were very immersed in the gameplay, but I apologise if the bugs took you out of the atmosphere, we do plan to fix said bugs once the jam is over, just to then we don't miss any last-minute bugs players may have encountered. We'll definitely take the UI suggestion into consideration when displaying the player's hunger, as we should've made it clearer from the start. Thanks :)

Thanks for playing, and thanks for the recommendation, we'll check that out when the voting period is over and making it easier to read for players!

A great take on the theme and love the inspiration from 'Snake'! One suggestion I'd make is lowering the number of cannons as it's a little intimating at first, but other than that this is a great submission, keep up the great work!

Very well polished game! I had a lot of fun playing this and everything this was so aesthetically pleasing, one this I wish would be better would be if the days were a little slower as by the time I managed to get to one of the floating islands the day had changed. Overall though, great game and great submission!

Cute game and very well executed! I would've loved to have seen a jump meter telling me how much I could jump by so it would be easier to calculate my next move, but great game nonetheless!

When I saw the space cat thumbnail, I couldn't help but stop and play this game. This game was adorable and super playful, the occasional popping and various cat sounds really added to the game. I'd only add that the cat moved very slow if it got stuck behind a bush or box, that and maybe have a treat refill station or a checkpoint of some sort, just so then the player doesn't have to start from scratch. This game was paw-some, keep up the great work!

Brilliant submission, it's always great to see games be meta about the jam it's submitted to, plus I loved the art style of both the brothers, they reminded me of if Borderlands characters were styled like Ooblets). Keep up the great work!

Great take on the theme, I'd suggest making a window download as it runs very slowly on the browser and potentially adding some juice such as animation or audio, but other than that this is a nice submission, keep up the great work! :)

Such a unique puzzle experience, and such a great final polish to a game! I was a little confused about the gameplay, so I wish there were a few more introductory level, but other than that this was a great submission and a great game!

Such a cute little game, and such a fun twin stick style! I'd love to see a little more to it, maybe like a local score system as it really gives me an old-school arcade vibe, as well as some additional sound effects for various interactions, other than that, great job!

Such a beautiful game! Can't believe this hasn't been played more! One thing I would suggest is having a pause menu with the controls visible as for where I was walking such a distance I had forgotten some of the controls, that and when I stood still the player was sliding ever so slightly on the spot. Other than that, this was a brilliant submission, great job!