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Great concept and narrative, the art was super adorable and unique! Was a little confused about the gameplay, but that's understandable as you can never tell what dinos are friendly or evil in real life. Reminded me of taking my dog for a walk!

A little overwhelming with text in the begiining and controls were a little hard to understand when labelled "a" and "b", seeing as movement involves WASD. Also feel that the overall truck speed could have been faster. On the other hand, UI was clear when in the game and the music choice was very up beat, would love to see this further developed at a later stage!

When I first opened up the game I was a little overwhelmed with all the text. Great game concept and brilliant art style! Sometimes the directional UI wouldn't appear on the screen if I wanted the sheep to go up or down and the addition of more audio would've been lovely, but other than that, this was a great submission! I played the a massive smile on my face the entire time!

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Before I started, I appricated the moral support of the dogs, as well as the dancing robot in the credits! I really enjoyeed this game, it gave me a mixed with Goat Simulator vibes, but with a lot more robots! The mini objectives were a great addition and made me want to keep playing, awesome job!

Great game concept, and loved the simplicity of the graphics and mechanics! Was a little challanging and felt like the timer could have been a little shorter, but I did have fun and great job!

Great job Jack! Movement is super smooth and great idea of adjusting the visuals before the game! I'm also loving the 3D character in the 2D environment! Felt like there could have been a hint as to where to go after the tutorial as I was a little confused, and maybe a background so I could see the speed in which I was falling. Would love to see this further developed!

Great colour pallete and narrative! Felt very much like Jigsaw infected my computer, and it was a nice touch incorpotating the character into each mini game! The only thing I feel that could be improved is the flappy bird level and I lost a life before touching the pipe, maybe the colliders are a bit too big on those? Great submission!

Very polished game, felt like I was playing a fully finished game until I got to the end and I wasn't sure if I won or lost. Music and assets are very groovy and sound effects fitted the game wonderfully!

I was not expecting that audio coming out of the black hole, but it made me chuckle! I feel like the camera couldv'e lerped a little faster to the player and I was a little confused as to how to play the first few rounds. Spirtes and music were great and this game really suited the theme, great job!

The music is super soothing and doens't make the idea of keeping the ship happy too daunting. I had fun figuring out what all the buttons could do, but it was a little confusing knowing what I could and could not press. Great job! My total score was 69014!

Thank you for the feedback! It's nice to know players are able to get to the end and it's not a frustrating game overall.

Thank you, I'm glad to see you enjoyed the game! I really wanted to focus on the mechanics as I did this by myself (apart from the music), but I'm happy that the simplistic art style paid off too!

Glad to see you enjoyed the difficulty curved, I was concerned it wouldn't be challenging throughout the game, but I'm happy to see the level planning paid off! Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the feedback Jack! I'd love to adapt it to have mobile controls. that's a great idea! Glad to see you enjoyed my game!

Sorry about the confision, I should've called them circles instead of holes, will definelty change that in future updates, thank you! Glad to see you enjoyed it!

I was very tempted to pop a timer in the game, but I'm glad the decision turned out for the better! In future updates I'll add more veritical shadows to help with the depths, thank you for the feedback!

Thank you! I'm glad to hear the game is calming!

The pink is a lovely theme through out so I'd say have a brighter pink so it's more iconic as I feel that if it was red it would break the colour scheme, but look forward to seeing the next build!

Just finished playing WrathBuild9.0 and it was really fun! Reminds me of a 2D top down Dark Souls, especially with the one shot kill on the player. 

With the final boss I wasn't too sure if I hit him or not so maybe have some indicator like a shield that breaks. In addition to that I wasn't aware that I was saving my wive in the top of the tutorial and the text above her worked as an invisible wall so maybe remove the wall? 

Great cherry blossom effect in the main game, I feel like there could even be more particles as it's such a nice effect. Look forward to the final build!

Post the highest score you got while playing 'SWORDMAN' here and see how you rank up compared to other players!

Yeah I'd happily give it another go, look forward to the update!

Hey guys, just played V0.2.2 and the graphics have improved so much since last time. The movement of the camera is a lot smoother and feels just right, rather than being too fast or too slow. Good clear puzzles and I love the creepy factor of the statues facing the player at the end.

One major issue I was having is that build V0.2.2 kept crashing on me and I must've attempted 10+ times and I never seemed to get past the tutorial room, and sometimes it would crash as soon as I opened the application. However, it was still enjoyable watching it through someone else's screen who was able to get it working, that's how I was able to see the ending of the current build.

Thanks for the feedback Ant, it is super helpful and I know they bunnies have completely gone, it's crazy!

I can see what you mean with shooting behind the player and I have a few ways to fix that so thanks for letting me know. With the health pick ups I'll try to spawn them on enemy drops then it becomes a risk and and reward, potentially the bigger the enemy the more health they give that way it gives an element of high risk/ high reward. Enemy challenge is something that I'm trying to improve on and surprisingly I had enemies that shot at the player I got rid of them so they'll definetley be coming back, same with the enemy health, that's actually something that other people have been suggesting too. I'm so glad to see that you're enjoying the process and I can't wait to see the final product of Monoshift too!

Thanks for the feedback Matt! I'll try to make the animation of the text slower and havie a gap between each sentence so there's plenty of time to read it. A pause menu would be a great idea, I hadn't even thought about that so that'll definetley be put in the next build. I hadn't noticed the bullets getting stuck so I'll double check the code and make sure they disappear just like the bullet that do collide. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

While I was playing the game a notification for sticky keys popped up and the sound of the pop up mixed well with your game, so maybe something like that.

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Just finished playing version 0.1.1. Great work guys, such a great way to transition straight into the game play. Overall the AI and asset design does feel very polished and the slight glow on the fire and some textures really gives it a futuristic feel. 

With the camera, it's great to see that you've implemented choice to change the x and y axis, as well as the sensititivty, however, I felt that when I was choosing a sensititivty there wasn't one I was super comfortable using, it was either slightly too fast or slightly too slow. Moving the camera was also a little jerky sometimes when spinning it around the charatcer.

The slicing mechanic was super fun to play around with and I found joy in slicing up objects that didn't need to be sliced, it was a nice touch to slow down the camera during slicing. 

One problem I did find it that the game crashed on me a couple of times, especially during the room where I had to find the purple key. It happened after I ran into the fire and respawned. That and if the text above key card machines and the CCTV view are aligned on screen the text goes behind the screen, despite being physically closer to the player.

Other than that, great polished game so far and I can't wait to see it with more juice and animations! Brilliant job guys!

Hey Jack, I just finished playing Drift Delivery V0.4 and what an improvement from the first version! I wasn't aware that F6 restrarts the levels when playing the game and I only saw it one your itch page after playing, so it would be nice to have an options menu pop up during each scene which allows for restarting level, options, quit, etc.  This came to my attention when in the the tutorial, as when I went to refuel my bar wasn't going up so I was unable to go back to the main menu.

The overall game is for sure giving me a Simpsons Hit & Run feel and I love it, especially with the arrow popping up when a package is picked up and the amount of interactable items with in the map. With that in mind, I'd love to have the arrow on for longer as sometimes it disappeared before I was able to flip back around, aslso if you had the drop off and pick up areas be much taller as it was challenging trying to figure out where to go, especially when driving in between buildings.

I had such a blast playing this build, to the point where I kept playing after hitting the 1000 mark, it was fun seeing all the skid marks the tires made throughout the game, especially when I've crahsed and leave trails in the air.  The overall aesthetic is also very enjoyable to look at, so if anything it was difficult to get bored of this game. I'd love to see some more destructable items and potentially npcs walking around, but I understand if that might be a bit too synical xD

Great job Jack, keep up the good work!

Please feel free to leave feedback here, as well as any suggestions you'd like to see in future versions! If possible, can you also include the version you played, thank you!

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After playing v0.3, I have a bit of feeabck for your game. First of all when you built you game, the exe file is named 'Mege Jones' rather than 'Painting Snakes' so watch out when saving your build. With the mechanic itself it was a little consfusing with what to do and how to play so simple tutorials throughout would be good, especially with the introduction of colour changing and additional snakes. Great concept and charatcer move quite smoothly, the player gets stuck on invisble objects sometimes. Other than that, great job and look forward to the final product!

Great concept of an escape room, I've got a little bit of feedback for you, fingers crossed it's helpful. When participating in an escape room I often feel that there is some kind of lead or direction to go in, but I felt very lost when starting your game, maybe with an introduction of some more detailed assets, this might be easier on the player. Second, I felt that interacting with objects was almsot too punishing for the player, maybe remove two seconds as opposed to 20. A tutorial for movement and interaction would be nice as well, rather than jumping straight into the game.

Other than that great start and look forward to seeing the final product!

Just played v1.0 and I have a bit of feedback. First of all, I love the art of the game, the pixel style works very well, especially with the animated fire and water, the only thing I'd tweak is that the player animations move in opposite directions to the way the player is facing and I'd love to see some kind of background, fo example the interiior of a castle or cave as the overall gameplay is giving me Castlevania vibes. When it comes to the camera I found it a little jarring when it snapped forwards, especially while trying to jump over the water. A camera that smoothly lerps to the player's position would feel a lot nicer. Finally, the bursting pipes feel a little too unpredictable, making it hard to, and almost frustrating, to jump across. Maybe having them on a timer would give the player a better chance of moving on to the next area. 

Overall great job and keep up the good work!

Just played v0.3 and the game is looking great! The artsyle is consistant througout and the sound really complimentes the atmosphere. In the beginning it would be nice to have a tutorial for movement controls and I was unaware how to move until looking at your itch page. When it comes to movement, I feel that the game needed the double jump as it was difficult to get to some platforms with a single jump, it also felt more fun doing a double jump, reminded me of Shovel Knight. For the attacking, I'd suggest going for a keyboard input rather than mouse click as it felt a little awkward going from keyboard to mouse. Watch out for the chest as well, as I managed to get stuck, but I did like the feeling of exploration to different areas trying to find collectables.

Great job and I can't wait to see the next version!

Just played build v1.0 and I love the concept, super creative! The feedback I have is I would love to hear some sounds for when I collect the squares, get destoryed and click shift, just as some player feedback. Also, the second level seems much easier than the first one, maybe move the square on the left to an easier position in the first level and then give the player more difficult levels? Other than that, great job!

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Just played v0.1 and I have to say it's such an attractive game! All the aesthetics come together and really draw me in. A few things I fell that could be improved is that the game itself doesn't appear to work when using my PS4 controller; the camera spins quickly without any inputs and the R2 key brings up the options menu. In the start screen 'Controls' is mispelt. 

Other than that I love what you have so far and I can't wait to see the next version!

Thanks! They're a handrawn skybox in which I got the colour palette from tourist posters of Egypt

Thanks for the feedback! I made it with less time as I was busy for the last few days of the jam, but will definitely add more levels at a later date!

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Simple game but fun game! Definitley beat the boredom and the music made the atmosphere very cheery! Only critisim is that I felt like I was breaking the game when I went off screen, would love to see the whole enirvonment when moving around the level,

Thank you for the feedback! The original game concept had a reload cool down so I'll definitely add that back in at a later date.

I've never played  or seen Serius Sam before, but after searching it I'm super thankful for the comparison, much appriciated!

Thanks for the feedback, will look into smoother transitions into each scene and do it instantly, thank you!