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The one and only Connor Dawg Voice Actor Man

Thanks for playing the game and leaving some feedback! These are some of the features I plan to add once the jam is finished, as well as some powers ups and more enemies. The idea of a pause screen is great, so I'll definitely add that to the list too! 

Thanks! When in doubt put a cat in space firing paws at evil space cats

Humans! (I plan to make the enemy spawn rates faster post-jam)

Thanks! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the camera shake and movement controls :)

Hey, I made a full game and didn't realise I needed a GIT repository. Is there a way to still submit the project?

Great physics based puzzle game and well done on the game jam submission! I'd suggest slowing down the camera as it was a little too fast, especially on the smaller levels.

Thanks a lot! This is, personally, my 3rd GMTK submission!

The gameplay was super fun and this is the best instance of playing as a dice that I've played in this game! 

The only piece of feedback I have would be to decrease the hitbox of the dice as it felt a little unfair when I would take damage, but the dice was mostly in the safe zone.

This project has great potential and a casino was a nice tie into the theme!

'Don't Ruin The Funeral' is the name, and morbidity is our game! Thanks for playing!

The idea was that the roll of the dice indicated the action that the player could perform, but I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game nonetheless! 

Brilliant take on the theme! May I just add that the physics for rolling the dice was top-notch!

The art style isn't the best I've seen throughout the jam, but I couldn't help by finding myself playing this game the longest out of any other game. 10/10 waifu choices.

Thanks for the comment! Just like in real life, romantic gestures should always bring chaos at a funeral!

Very unique gameplay and the randomness really hones in the theme of the jam! Great work!

10/10 comment! Glad you had blast at our funeral!

Thank you ever so much! Even during playtest, we were laughing all the way through!

Brutal animations that really make this project memorable compared to most of the other submissions! Could do with some more juice and player feedback, but this project was a great match to the theme!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! The reset function can be updated in the future!

Love the Guitar Hero take on the theme! Though, as a player, I was a little overwhelmed with all the total number of potential button presses.

Brilliant, glad to hear you had lots of fun playing it! Your game was lots of fun too! I'm always down for plant care!

Very creative approach to the theme and I'm all for plant games, being a plant enthusiast myself! Does remind me.... I need to water my plants

Pixel style was fun, but I was quite confused about what to do.

Glad you had a great time at the funeral! We made sure to bring the whole family!

This is a great take on the submission, I really had to think about how I approach gameplay when the dice rolls! It's hard to bring in narrative into game jams, but you did it excellently! 

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for the comment! If you line it up right you can shoot quite a few people in a row!

This is such an interesting take on the theme, and the dice cam was a nice touch in order to know the damage dealt! The character art was super innovative too!

The aesthetics of this game were outstanding (but I'm aware that most of the art wasn't made during the game jam time)! Wasn't sure how this relates to the theme.

I'm super proud of how well that punch turned out! Thanks for the comment!

So glad you like it! Resetting the game would be something we could look into, thanks!

This was a lot of fun! I'd love to see some controls on the screen at the beginning as I was a little confused at first. Once I did get the hang of it, I managed to get close to 150!

This was a great submission and suited the theme very well!

A great approach to the theme and the gameplay was fun! Though I did feel that I was waiting for the text to finish before I was able to start the next level.

A great approach to the theme and the character art felt very thought out. The enemy AI did intercept quite often so it was a little challenging to score, but it was fun to score nonetheless!

The art is very polished and the gameplay is very thought out! I'd love to see some more player feedback just to add some more juice to the game, but great work! This felt very much like DnD meets Slay the Spire!

This project is challenging but felt super rewarding when reaching to the checkpoints. Great take on the theme and the player feedback felt great!

Music and are were super cute but similar to other comments, I didn't feel like I had much control over the player character.

This is an absolutely brilliant game! My only critique is that there aren't enough ratings for it, it should be so much higher in the ranks! Player feedback was brilliant and the puzzles were brilliantly thought out. Awesome work!