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The Mac build is an unsigned 64-bit intel build. It should continue to work on Apple's ARM M1/M2/etc processors as long as they keep Rosetta on the systems. Most of Verdant Skies was originally made on a Mac!

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@hemebond Hrm. So you press 'R' (gamepad X) to bring up the scanning tool, and with certain objects pressing it again will let you connect and interact with them. There are supposed to be on-screen prompts for this stuff, especially during the tutorial. I'll have to double check if I missed that one...

edit: Oooh. So now that I've had time to review this better. You would have already seen the scan/interact mechanic I guess. After collecting the materials you don't have to "dock" with the skiff, you just activate it again with the scanner to open it's UI. Is that your confusion? How would you suggest making that more clear?

If you were looking for the thread for Veridian Expanse feedback, you just found it! Keep in mind that the game is still very much under development with lots of unfinished and placeholder content. That said, I'm open to feedback about what you did and didn't like. There's probably plenty of bugs, though again, some of them are due to the game being unfinished.

Yep, you can have as many as you want! I keep saves from when we show the game at conventions and when people mail me buggy saves, so I have 561 on my computer right now.

Thanks so much for the save! I figured out the issue.

When you breakup with someone it's supposed to change their relationship state, but not adjust the number of stars you've earned with that person. Anthony was the only one that accidentally had the stars reset down to 6. This causes the game to try to replay the old events, which it refuses to do since you've already seen them.

I've added a save migration fix to version 1.4.5 of the game that will fix the save for anyone who has run into this problem.

In the meantime you could also adjust your friendship and star count for anthony by changing these lines:

      "friendship": 140,
      "numberOfStars": 6,


      "friendship": 200,
      "numberOfStars": 9,

Under Anthony's section of the json Player.txt file

But willing to wait for 1.4.5 that would be a lot easier. I have a few other issues to look at after yours. Thanks!


Uh oh, that's the picnic where it starts to rain, right? It's supposed to take you back into her house to complete the event. Can you email your save file to support @ and I can take a look at what's going wrong there? Thanks!

Glad you like it! It is quite possible there are still some typos in the script for the game. The best way is to post about half a sentence worth of dialog so I can search for the project. I did check on the Zaheen reading line, and that one seemed okay:  

But I know a couple of characters ask similar questions so  I might not have t he right dialog there.

I think Jade's lunch invitation was probably her third star event. It is possible to have multiple events scheduled overlapping. When this happens, the game has an internal priority list for which ones it will pick. And you might get the prenotification again when you go inside. The administration building can be pretty busy, especially with everything going on early game. Basically you just need to leave the building and re-enter  in order to get the next scheduled event. Anyway, it won't ever repeat a cutscene or an event, but it is possible to get a dialog more than once if it's an event notification like an invitation to lunch or something like that- those will keep happening until the event they are talking about happens.

So it sounds like you hit something kinda weird, but I'm not 100% sure if it was a bug or not. If you find yourself stuck and can't advance Jade past a dialog like a lunch notification, definitely send your save to support @ and I will take a look at getting that fixed. I think you are probably fine though!



For the issue with Anthony. It sounds kind of like you might be getting the 5th Event prenotification over and over: "

Sup, $n? Haven't seen you in a while. Why don't you come over sometime?" But the event doesn't trigger because you already went through the dating events with Anthony? I don't actually see that line you mentioned, so I'm not exactly sure where you are. I think you did the GetBackTogether event from his journal. I'm wondering if maybe the star change for Anthony was a mistake and it caused the issue there. The other characters GetBackTogether events don't change the star count like that, so I'm leaning towards that being the bug. If you email your save to support @, I can take a look and maybe get more details.

For modding, make sure to check out the base content and modding resources here:

and the wiki:

For adding new characters, the Marina Expansion mod by MidnightMasquerade is a awesome example of someone with a lot of events. If you're adding an entirely new character, there are some limits. You can't use the modding system to add a house for them, for example. That means they won't have a crib or journal. So you might want to consider a mod that reworks an existing character if you want the full depth. (You can replace their artwork, change their display name, etc).

You don't need the steam workshop to make mods work. You should be able to use the local modding folder for your own mods just like you presumably are for Marina. If you want to mail me your mod, I can take a look at what might be wrong.



I think most people actually should install the x86 version on windows. But some people seem to have success with the x64 one. So that's something to consider.

I don't think I can DM you here, can you email us at Thanks Necronought!

Hey Killer300,

Unfortunately, I only have a 10.14.6 Mac to test on these days. It seems to work on there, so it's probably something that broke in Catalina. We've sort of moved our development away from Mac especially after the gatekeeper changes. 

There are a few things you can try though. If you can turn off full screen, that might help with the issue. We also have a button on the options screen to toggle the Custom Cursor too. It's pretty weird that you don't get the custom cursor drawing, but that toggle is there to help with comparability issues.

The trick is probably getting to the options screen without a cursor. I don't have a lot of advice for that. You will get mouseover hover colors even if the cursor is somehow invisible. You can turn Expose on and off on your mac to briefly see your cursor. You can also maybe open the force quit menu to see the cursor while the game is running. Not sure if it will minimize the game or not.

Hope that helps!


Hey KittySueKat, I just replied to your messages with a new sticky thread. Thanks for bringing it up!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know that the non-steam versions of the game also fully support modding. On Steam, we use the steam workshop api to interact with the mods, but we do have a local mod option too. You can drop mod into the local modding folder, and use that folder to work on mods that you might be creating.

The tricky part is getting the mods to non-steam users. We don't take ownership of any of the mods that our users have created, but I think they would want to have as many people as possible be able to play the mods they made. So I've uploaded the current list of public mods here:

You can download them, unzip that file, and drop individual mods into your local mod folder. If you have the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and would like to upload a mod, I can get you a steam key. If anyone has a mod they want shared on Steam Workshop, but not available for non-steam users, let me know and I will remove your mod from this zip right away.

I'll also crosspost this message to the steam forum. Let me know if you have other questions!


Hey thanks for the report! I put that bug in my bug list. You probably noticed the rebinding menu doesn't quite look or feel like the rest of the game. It's provided by Rewired, so it always behaved a little weird. But I think we should be able to do something with this issue, especially just preventing the main menu in the background from closing when the controller changing menu is up.

Thanks! -Andy

A huge welcome to everyone who picked up the game from the Racial Justice and Equality bundle! I just opened up the forum here, but if you have a question that might already be answered, feel free to check out the steam forums here:

The community is a bit more established there, and may already have the answers to your questions. Thanks!


Hey, that's exactly the fix for the problem! Sorry about that. Steam automatically installs the redistributes, but itch can't do that. I will look into our options to improve this. In the meantime, thanks for the post!  

We're in!

Lose yourself in the lovingly hand-painted alien world of Viridis Primus. Ensure the success of the colony as you make friends and pursue romance with a diverse cast of characters. Demonstrate your mastery of the farming system by creating the perfect crop hybrid using the genetic splicing machine - or spend your days painting and making pottery. The possibilities are endless!

Split your time wisely between activities as you help to build your colony. Gather resources, decorate your home, grow crops, go spear fishing, cook interesting meals, befriend your fellow colonists, and maybe even fall in love...