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I love the sunset so much!!!! So beautiful

Bitsy doesn't inherently have the ability to add video, but adjusting some elements of the engine to remove the background and then adding video as an HTML element made it possible!

I love them both so much. I am happy about their relationship.

I love Morge

Love them, best couple of the new decade

I smashed the like button

I love all the creatures so much ;w; I want to pet them. Also BINKY is a great streamer!

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There is a beautifully personal and homey style to this game. From the "familiarity" of understanding a space, to the focus on objects between the illustrations and text, it was really heartwarming. Great Job!!

P.S. waiting on the prequel that is entirely about Penelope the Pig

This is so great! Love all of it <3

Is it okay to submit multiple works to this jam? 

Turtle betrayal D:

May the headless bird forever suffer in the triangle : ,  (

Heres a quick and easy tool to use! Just upload your HTML and MP3 files!

Thanks! :D I'm really happy you enjoyed the neck!! It was one of the first ideas I had when I started sketching it out

Thank you for playing it! <3

Oh my goodnessss. Thanks so much this means a lot to me. I'm so glad it was meaningful to you. <3

La porte du vaisseau spatial était cassée :/