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Cute graphics. In general, I think there needs to be pros and cons from being in skull mode, because right now its a.) only way to kill enemies, b.) much more mobile, c.) removes the startup lag from jumping, and d.) is more fun.

Also yeah either more checkpoints or a better explanation (not in text, but some other way) of gameplay mechanics. I don't know if I arrived that you cant touch red dudes from your gifs or naturally, but long checkpoints are only frustrating if it feels like the reason you died is the games, not yours

strato game confirmed most difficult

The bullets need to be a bit more clear from the enemy (brighter + different color from yours), and the first introduction of the explodey bombs shouldn't immediately punish the player since they don't know what it is until they shoot it


For real though, game felt good, a few things

  • It was a bit hard to generally see from the mix of artifacting, your glow, and the different colors being pretty similar near the 2nd puzzle with the guy walking back and forth
  • I could briefly pick up the jelly, but wasn't really sure; maybe an indicator that something is pickup-able with a green outline?
  • It is a bit strange that the stomp move is also your jump. Is there any functional difference between that vs having a dedicated jump key?