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My favourite submission so far. Absolutely gorgeous music here!

workshop was my favourite of the bunch!

Wow, there's a lot of music here, and it definitely sounds like it would fit the game you're describing! Good work!

This is excellent!

Shimp orince

I like what you've got going on with the panning on some of these tracks!

this one is nice! I like the laid back percussion and the choice of instrumentation here. It is very relaxing!

I can't really explain why, but 'and the moon above' definitely feels like nighttime, and 'daylight' feels like daytime. Good job, very soothing!

I like the bass on track 3 a lot, and the guitar on track 1!

really solid collection of whimsical seafaring tunes here!

Ruined Downtown was my favourite! I like the flute!

I appreciate that the tracks sounds like one complete package - it's very cohesive. I could definitely see these adding a lot to the overall vibe of the game you're describing!

I like the water splashing noises that play throughout the track here, it fits really well! I also like the variety of sounds you use all in this one piece, but it still feels cohesive.

I like the feel that you've gone for here, it definitely feels like it fits the picture and theme well! The dark and ambient waltz-y sound on that second track is really cool!

(I also really like the little rising flute(I think?) part at 1:07 in the first track!)

I like the amount of variety here! My favourite track of the bunch is probably Nostalgic, I like the synths and the drums there!

There's some really good stuff in here, one of my favourite submissions!

My favourite one here is Input Delay, there's some neat effects there!

The dark and moody atmosphere fits well with the game you're describing here, very nice!

Good to hear some retro sounding songs here, I like them!

That vocal melody on Hopeless is tight, I like the whole vibe that song has going on!

The dark, synthy groove is the kind of thing I associate with cyberpunk, I'd say you nailed the theme!

I like the aggressive, pulsing energy here!

This is the kind of music I associate with cyberpunk! I also really like the ghostly sounding lead melody on the first track a lot!

very laid back and chill! Good job!

I like the quiet loud dynamics!

I enjoyed how spooky it was, with all the unsettling and intense synthesizers!

Cyberpunk aesthetics and jazz go so well together!

Great intro! Always good to see submissions with lyrics too, this is awesome!

Somehow I don't think "Make it Bounce" was made for this game jam, lol. Otherwise theres some good stuff here!

I like how fast and upbeat these songs are!

This one is so catchy and fun, I like it a lot! Big fan of the B section here with that piano. Sounds great!

I think it's neat that you can still get the song sounding "cyberpunky" with an acoustic piano. Good job!

I think it's neat that you can still get the song sounding "cyberpunky" with an acoustic piano. Good job!

I don't usually associate accordions with cyberpunk, but you make it work here!

Using 7/8 is a good fit, and it gives the track a bit of extra flair!

I like the synth choice here, lots of nice sounds from this track!

The intense, driving bass and drums are great, and I like the use of train sound effects!

I like the fun, but kind of sinister vibe from Funny Place!

I like the fun, but kind of sinister vibe from Funny Place!

It's dark and intense, so it definitely fits the theme!