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Would it be possible to add strike through and bold options through a right click selected menu? I use Notepad daily btw - I freaking love it

On a scale from wait no he really did, to actually I'm pretty sure he did would you say that he didn't say this?

We can probably still do it if you want. I just gotta talk to the other organisers. Let me know if you want me to do it


okay... hmmmmmm uhhh... hmmm...


t h a n k       y o u         s o o o o o o o o o o       m u c h

Hey, that link doesn't work. Is it set to private? We can generate a submission link for you if you publish it fully

Thank you!!!

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Oh I just realised you can't download it because Omama and Opapa have a MAC!!! I'll rebuild the html version tomorrow!!!!


Whats your highest score?

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I know right?!


What have I done?

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Hey I love the soundtrack, the tone of the notes and the upbeat sillyness of the music (and the whole game!)  Any chance you could break down how you made the music? Tools you used, how you got the sound to sound like it does etc. Also any chance you'll put it on Bandcamp?

Ohhhhh thanks very much

Weird... I just downloaded the itch client and downloaded from there and it launched...

I just bought the game (25th Dec) and have downloaded the Mac version. And as the title says the game doesn't load past the Freehold Games logo screen. 

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Since the last post I've made a lot of progress.

Gameplay wise I've implemented a few new mechanics: 

  1. Jelly (or Jello for the northern hemispherically inclined): Changes the colour of your body. Will affect score some time in the future
  2. Clothing: Only one piece of clothing implemented right now but you pick up a piece of clothing when running over a clothes pile.


  1. Score Calculation: Now exists, gets triggered at the end of the level, takes into account how many jelly beans you've collected and how fast you were.
  2. Score Saving: Currently only locally but I'm super happy that I've got it in. Now you can compete against me!
  3. Transition to the end scene: see notes below


  1. Starting area/Tutorial area: First pass on the starting area. I'm pretty happy with it but so far players have been unsure whether pepper was good or bad so hitting one probably doesn't slow you down enough.
  2. Oh yeah, I made a cutscene: This has been in my builds for ages but I haven't posted about it here. Was mocked up in Photoshop but I'll either hand animate one in DoodleStudio or animate the elements individually and compose a cutscene in engine. I kinda like this idea but hot dang it'll be a ton of work. 
  3. Jelly: exists now
  4. Clothing: exists now
  5. Clothes pile: exists now
  6. End Scene???

No fashionable gummy bear can truly be called fashionable without first walking down a catwalk in front of their peers, friends, camera flashes and spotlights so below is a gif of my first pass of what the catwalk looks like.

In terms of sound I've got a temp track in it by Slime Girls. A friend is going to write me a track to put in it which I'm super grateful for but if it doesn't end up happening I'm actually super happy with the vibe from that track so if I keep it in I'll reach out to the artist and ask for permission before putting it on google play.

Anyways, that's all for now. Feel free to give it a go and let me know what you think!

I thought that might be the case... 10xsadface

I've just noticed when colour picking and filling that the colour picker isn't picking the exact same colour. I'm in Gamma colour mode so not having the issue of the viewer not displaying in a different colour space. 

Below is a screenshot where I colour picked the saturated main pink and filled a square inside it with the new colour.

Never mind. After a restart it works like it should...

As it says above, when i have a particle effect that's been created using DS, when I hit f to focus the camera on it the camera goes to the world origin point instead of to the game object.

Yeah you definitely can. Just click on a doodle file in your project and convert to sprite sheet

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I don't think there is a way to crop extra pixels necessarily but you can convert them to sprite sheets, open them in photoshop or whatever then crop them there. Now that I think about it that might get tricky if your sprites are animated cos now you gotta think about keeping the centerpoint exactly in place...

Check out this thread where we were talking about packing textures. Fernando made a small script that acted similarly to the doodle animator for me although it doesn't have the api that doodle files have natively.

I've been using ds for a while now but haven't noticed the hanging when switching build platforms (going from android to html5 pretty often) so I can't help with that one sorry.

Thanks very much for writing that script Fernando. I'll give it a go and let you know how I get on.

Also after reading your script I remembered that all of my objects are prefabs so manual work shouldn't be too eggregious. I'm guessing if everything needs to be converted to sprite sheets then it should only have to be done once.

Thanks again for your help!

Thanks so much! Work is super busy so progress is taking longer than I want but hey, that's life :D

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So it's been aages since I posted anything but I've been super busy living life to the maximum. My producer got back to me when she noticed that it was 2 months past the deadline I agreed to (which was 2 weeks from inception). Don't ever say you can do something in two weeks before putting any actual thought into what the task entails ha ha. After placating her with a trip to the zoo, we're now aiming for christmas 2018.

Anyways, here's a gif of some progress. Enjoy!

Hey Fernando

I'm planning to build for android and I'm thinking that now's a good time to think about optimising but the doodle studio images themselves don't have import settings so I can't for instance use packing tags to pack textures down without converting to sprites. At the moment I think if I want to do that I'd have to convert every object to a sprite sheet, set the settings and then replace every object in my scene (which would take a long time but not impossible).

Is there any chance you could add a dropdown menu under the edit, add to scene, convert to which would allow you to set these kind of settings? 

Or is there a way to pack doodle studio sprites already?

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Thanks for checking it out and also retweeting the gif I put on twitter! Also for the tool. It really is a joy to use.

I've uploaded a wip build to itch so my niece can test it out. It's pretty last minute so there's some very obvious issues but I plan on building for android anyway.

Hey yeah what you described in the second to last paragraph was what I was experiencing. It was getting in the way of colour picking at the time but not actually changing the colours in the files. The workaround I've used is just to switch back to gamma when I do a bunch of art assets then go back to linear when I want to see it under desired lighting conditions

I think mine messed up because i had the center bit parented to the outer edge so it moved it around instead of extending

Thanks for the link. I'll def look into it and let you know how I go

Fantastic!!! The update is super neat

Ahhh thanks very much. I checked out the example scene and it has the example from the video. I can't get it to behave the exact same way with the rect tool (only one extends to follow the border) but that's fine. I just wanted to check if you had some kind of setup with multiple animators on the same object etc

Just wondering how you do it. I spent a while messing around but can't work it out. Anyone got it going?

This might be a bit overkill but man it would be soo freaking cool to be able to draw all of your desired letters over a template of small canvases (one for each letter/number/glyph?).

I plan on drawing a font in doodle studio for my current project so that all of my visual elements match the same style (primarily numbers atm cos I want to make a clock powerd by code, but i may do letters as well if I can see it being useful). It could potentially allow you to create characters in a similar way that the 9 slice panel works, maybe with some guides for ascenders, decenders etc. I haven't made a font before and I haven't started looking into what's involved but if there was a way to draw the characters straight into doodle studio I would be so super stoaked. Thanks for the great tool Fernando!

wowowowo thanks for the reply! Will try it out in the next couple of days

I'd be keen if I wasn't already pretty busy working on a project

I'd like to second this as a feature that would be very helpful. Although the absence also forces you to become a better drawer so ?

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I've made a bit more progress! Fleshing out the world with a few more objects although they don't all interact with the player yet. I'm super happy with it at the moment though. 


I really love the functionality you've added to control the current frame Fernando. It's pretty fun to use this plugin and I love being able to just think of something, draw it, animate it and then implement it super fast.

I'm playing with the idea of using a curved world shader but i don't know if it'll work with sprites. I'll have to try it out.