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Dude your video cracked me up :D Thanks for playing and posting your video!


Thanks so much for checking it out!

Thanks very much!

Thanks so much for playing!


Thanks very much, both of those options work.

I think what was confusing me was that with this setup the options would evaluate correctly:

The only difference is that Start Passage in this case has text in it.

Thanks very much for your help.

Actually I think that was a false positive because it's reverted back to not working...

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Hey I just worked out a solution but I'll show you my setup in case there's something I'm missing.

To solve it I set both the Generic Drawstring and Drawstring to pick option 1 when there were multiple options but only one is valid because before making that edit it would see that there was only 1 valid option but it always pick the "first" in the list of options regardless of whether it was the valid option or not.

Hi, I'm using the generic jumper, have a passage with no text in it and a bool which is correctly being evaluated by fleece (when I toggle it on and off in the parser the parsed text toggles between displaying the two options). 

The behaviour that occurs though is that the second of the two options always gets picked regardless of the bool state. Has empty passage logic changed since those intro videos were created?

Thanks very much, I'll give that a crack!

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Hey KaiClaiver, I'm experiencing a pretty annoying framerate drop when enabling STM component - even when built out. I'm using stm + fleece and have narrowed it down to onEnable() behavior. In the scene I have nothing but first person controller and a trigger which onTriggerEnter() just turns on the stm component.

Do you have any suggestions as to how to minimise the loading overhead?

[Edit] After some more fruitling around it appears to be hanging when setting stm.Text =.  Whether it's a fleece passage or a short string (I've tested it with "yeah" and "asdfjhaksjdhfk" and the longer string does seem to cause more hang).

I got stuck behind an invisible wall in the left door area (left from the central zone facing the final zone). Luckily I got out by walking towards the main building in that area. Great atmosphere tho.I love the interstitial vids between zones. 


RIght on!

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... never mind ... after testing everything again I found the problem was coming from somewhere else. It's weird that it didn't occur in editor until after building but hey /shrug

the dt method appears to work in editor and build but tbh I'll prob remove that one because it's one of the overlapping methods I built before I really understood what was happening when and how - it was a method used to disable the dialogue box onscreen

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Yeah I'd be happy to test it out. 

I should prob spend a bit more time with the example scenes.  The systems are all SO flexible and loosely coupled that it sure has taken a bit of time to wrap my head around how to understand what's going on and how to get what I want but I have prototyped 90% of what I set out to test so that's something.

Something I came across once I'd built my .exe was that a custom method I'd set up using the custom commands from one of the examples didn't run in the build but does run in the editor. Could that be a bug?

spawnPizza is the one that doesn't run once built:

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Hey, I was gonna suggest this as a feature but i don't  know if I just aren't seeing it yet but it'd be cool if the parser settings had a setInitialState button and resetToSavedState button. I'm forever testing to see if things work or not but then having to go into the Parser and reset variables that'd just been changed. Does this already exist?

Have you figured it out? It's CTRL + S to save but there are also options at the top. Those may be different on different platforms though (I'm using pc).

Thanks again. I got it working in the end. I was running into weird issues I think because I was testing if passage.Continue() == string.Empty but of course that was continuing the passage and messing everything up. I realised after a bit that I could do string = passage.Continue() then test that to see if it was empty.

Thanks for the reply. I've gotten that working now thanks.

 Do you have a discord for your tools? Was just wondering because I'm trying to learn how Fleece works (am currently just trying to get something to happen once the dialogue has reached the end of a tree but can't for the life of me figure out how to check whether the passage is finished reading or not)

Hey! I'm trying to get my head around how to set variables. All i want to be able to do is ++ an int variable but it seems that that isn't possible from within the default parser. Would it be possible to add basic math functions to the set method?  Having things like ++, -- would be super useful. 

MasterPlan community » General · Created a new topic My Theme
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Hey, just thought I'd share my theme since it's quite different from what's already available.

Here's the code if anyone wants to try it out. Just duplicate another theme file and paste this (including the curly braces) over the top. It'll show up in the list of themes as whatever you name the file.

    "GUI_OUTLINE":              [64, 13, 164, 255],
    "GUI_OUTLINE_HIGHLIGHTED":  [87, 0, 252, 255],
    "GUI_OUTLINE_DISABLED":     [73, 31, 99, 255],
    "GUI_INSIDE":               [225, 226, 251, 255],
    "GUI_INSIDE_HIGHLIGHTED":   [80, 86, 255, 255],
    "GUI_INSIDE_DISABLED":      [184, 186, 247, 255],
    "GUI_FONT_COLOR":           [0, 32, 67, 255],
    "GUI_NOTE_COLOR":           [132, 255, 189, 255],
    "GUI_SHADOW_COLOR":         [159, 125, 247, 255]

This might be a bug or might not but I was able to collect 4 tokens in quick succession, giving me four powers. I think they stopped updating when I picked up new ones after that too. I died with 19 points.

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When pasting in a massive amount of text into a note a few unexpected events occur.

* The frame rate drops incredibly when using the scroll box to scroll the text box. This doesn't occur when using the mouse wheel though

* the generated note block can become incredibly huge. The ability to scale the block and have the text wrap automatically would be a nice to have.

Hey right on!

So I'm just getting used to MP and I'm liking it so far but  I'd really like to  to be able to turn off pulsing of complete tasks as it's a bit distracting if MP is on a second monitor. Maybe a setting to turn off all animations could also be useful but at this point the pulsing is the most distracting.

Nice! Will check it out!

Thanks so much Sammakko! 

Man, it feels so polished... What the heck!

Once I figured out that the tanks were enemies (I thought they were allies for some reason) I blew them all up! Was a pretty relaxing experience. 

I didn't quite understand the connection between the final few items but it was a chill experience nevertheless.

Yeah I totally get it. The difficulty is absolutely the fruit of playing it heaps during development and not getting it play tested by anyone else. 

If you keep an eye on my itch page I'll be uploading a post jam version which has way more approachable combat in the coming weeks - once I've fully recovered from the hours I put in on the final night.

I know the first person controller I'm using has bunny hop functionally so tbh I think I can add it pretty easily. 

Thanks so much for playing! 

I'm so glad you made it!!!  I don't think many people did but I hope the heavenly reveal was worth the journey XD 

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing PureAsbestos! I'm so glad someone figured it out!

Same here :'(


That's such a kind compliment! Thank you for trying it and letting me know!

Would it be possible to add strike through and bold options through a right click selected menu? I use Notepad daily btw - I freaking love it