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I just now patched in WASD support and a few extra lines to prevent unintended browser interactions from arrow keys while playing - thank you for the feedback!

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Very stylish look, and straightforward to play yet doesn't come across feeling generic. Fun to play. This brought back positive memories for me of Legend of Kage. The main difference there was being able to throw some ninja stars, which certainly this works fine without, but could be a nice way to mix things up if taking it further.

Strong gameplay design, both in the core interaction, and how you've designed the levels to warm the player up to it. Music reacting to the time pause was an effective and resourceful touch. Have you checked whether a webGL export is playable? Seems like it might work fine for this game, and could help it get some much deserved additional plays, not only from bypassing the download step but also since that'd make it easily cross-platform. This style of game can be conveyed well with an animated gif, which itch even supports as a cover image, although obviously understandable that within jam's time constraints marketing wasn't a top priority. Great work on translating the theme into a compelling puzzle!

This is so rad! It feels polished right from the start. The time dilation reminds me of 300, RDJ's Sherlock Holmes, or The Matrix, which is an impressive feat for a retro-styled game created in a jam time frame. The core gameplay is solid as-is, and stands well on its own even at jam size, but I think there's potential here to develop it into a larger project should you'd ever decide to explore its design further. Nicely done.

Excellent work all around! Impressive quality and quantity of artwork, especially given the jam time constraint. The music's a solid fit for the atmosphere. The core mechanic is immediately clear and understandable, with a well-designed level progression exploring what gameplay emerges from it. I found the narrative metaphor fits well, without seeming either forced or overstated, and is a point well worth communicating. Thank you for creating and sharing this game.