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Yeah it's generally when you get clipped by the police's kill radius (the spotlighted area). But yes, they might need some balancing.


Dev time: 2:57.4

Really nice gameplay, and visuals considering the time!


Ahh sorry... I have nothing to test on between a good gaming rig and a potato so I'm finding testing it to common specs pretty difficult

Hard but fun!

I hope you like it!

I'll play yours too soon.

Really good!

Nice art style!

Took me a few trains to work out what was happening, but really fun once I did!

Reviewed! I see you spruced up the page haha. This one was really unique.

Interesting idea! This could be really good with a little more time.

I'd love to check out some of your games! Leave a link to the rating page down below and I'll give it a thorough review.

If you want to review mine, it's here:

I look forward to seeing them!

Naturally I'll rate yours

Cheers! Thanks for playing.

This one was particularly short and easy so that's something I may fix in the future.

If you'd like, please have a look at my other games from my community profile.

Thanks again!

Thanks for some very constructive feedback!

I do agree with the thoughts on making the movement a bit more polished, and I've looked at your link for next time.

Thanks for playing!

I don't have a web build either, but if you could get around to mine, I'd appreciate it, and hopefully you'd have some fun along the way!

I liked it. It felt smooth and polished. I found I could beat every level, especially the ones with the red blobs, by running through and avoiding them until I touched the hard drive. Great game though!

Does what it says on the tin

Fair review for a fair review

Just to get a little exposure for our respective games.

I had a lot of fun. I couldn't kill the purple boss but had a great time. Well done!

I also couldnt figure out how to kill the purple one. Fun game though

Here is mine

That was a really unique take on the implementation. I loved it!

Go to the submission page in the top-right to see what people thought

Mine too! It's been a good experience

Great art and a well-polished game.

Something odd with the moving block but i still had fun

Rating yours now and it looks good!

I liked it! Rated.

Here's mine

Good idea but it was annoying getting insta-killed so many times.

Good idea though and well-polished for the time given


I'm glad you played some music lmao

I was on a little bit of a time crunch for other reasons so I didn't get to put music in.

Glad you liked it


A bit confused at the start but ended up being good. Good concept and fun!


I loved the style of the game!

I didn't know what I was doing at first, but once I picked it up I had a great time

Art style is so clean! A fun, well-polished game.

Does what it says on the tin

I hope you enjoy!

If you do, pls tell me in a comment

If not, please be kind... and hopefully i'll be able to fix it

Really fun. Great stuff.

Rating now

I've just rated