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Really cool

Left 4 Dead, did get Back 4 Blood

I like the idea, it feels very atmospheric.

Cool art style. <3

This game makes me wanna get a drink, but in a good way :)

Super sick puzzle game, this does not look like it was done in 2 days amazing.

Cute story, while he was going up hill today.

Really cool concept, the music plays perfectly with the game.

Playing this with two players really gives this a lot. It's fun calling out whenever you shoot.

Looks great, plays great and is a awesome idea, noting else needs to be said.

The story is very amusing and the artworks are really great.

Really cool art and platforming :)

Thanks, man!

Love it, but damn I'm not good at it. :)

Cool idea to make you decide between you vision and offensive option. <3

I can see real potential in something like this especially if some enemies take advantage of that in some way.

Shiba has been saved, but many Shiba had to be sacrificed to accomplish that making me much sad. :(

Love the idea and the game in general, giving more reasons to split would make it feel even more interesting. <3

That's great feedback, thanks a lot

Super cool game idea and a very funny story ;)

Amazingly cute, how could anyone not want to save all the seeds after talking to the first one. <3

Cool idea to turn this into a turn based strategy game. <3

If anyone else can't see the entire game switching it to full screen will solve this.

These dwarfs really know how to throw a party :)

Really cool idea, I think the best bit is the time you have already created a gap to go into but need to find the right moment to get the astronaut down without loosing the ball.

Too many legs on one screen :)

How did the dumpster get set on fire again, I just removed the air from it :)

Beautiful art and great puzzle design :)

Buckle up kids, I'm the mayor now.

C&C inspired tower defence that focuses on energy management.

Great idea for this jam. <3

Typical magnetic brothers and their hair problems.

Great game. <3

It's a game with ninjas, what are you waiting for play it.

Really fun puzzle game, reminded me of baba is you. <3

The player is missing in one of the later levels, blocking you from moving on.

Interesting puzzles and a great story took me a while to understand everything, but I had a great time doing so. <3

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Really cool look and awesome puzzley levels. The remapping of controls really jammbled my brain, but made it way more rewarding to get through the levels.

I'll get you to your destination if you want to or not.

Great pixel art and mind breaking puzzles <3

Cool movement idea, love the idea of people sharing one tongue. <3

Great physics, really enjoyed the dash mechanic. <3

Really cool game, having some controls shared but others function differently between the characters really gives this a lot. <3

Awesome art style and a great idea.

This story reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.

Great game, much story <3