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Maybe this feature exists and I can't figure it out... Is there a way to delete/remove a game from your collections in the app? I can do it from the website, but can't figure out how to do it in the app. I can't delete an item from a collection, move it to another collection, or rearrange it within a collection. Are all of these features missing within the app? I did just install the newest app today.

Thank you for suffering through my first game jam game haha... It's a pretty "rough" game to play, but I'm happy you gave it a shot :)

Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm happy you enjoyed it :) Your commentary is hilarious! I am definitely going to have to check out your other videos. Thank you for supporting indie games and indie developers!

Hi everyone!

I just released my first "complete" Unity game called The Gap

It is a simple, 2D platformer game where all you have to do is jump across the gap. Sounds easy, but it can be rather tricky do to some downright trolling in the level design :)

As I already stated, the game is pretty simple. This is because I am new to the Unity engine and programming in C# (I come from a Flash/AS3 background). I learned a little bit of everything piecing this game together and these skills will help me with future projects.

If you made it this far then I thank you for reading this and thank you for considering playing my game! ^_^