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oh my gosh thank you! sorry for the late response (ive been a bit busy with personal life) but i had so much fun participating in this jam! 

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slept on gam gam 😍😍

thank you so much!! I had lots of fun participating in this jam and loved all the games that came out of it, thank you for everything vlad , this was a great jam!

thanks! I just updated the game with some balances to make the skill ramp a bit more round

Sorry about the difficulty, I meant to replicate some of the hardness of retro arcade games, but might have gone a step far. A balance is coming to make some of the levels more balanced, but in the meantime you can watch a full playthrough of the game in the sidebar below the game. Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed it!

andrew prank

andrew prank

You can start working on your game anytime though NSFW content must be marked with a warning. If your idea does not require nsfw content, then I would encourage more appropriate and accessible content. Thanks!

Of course! Games that aren't developed within the time-frame are allowed, weird week is just about making something new and unique!

PS I'll update the rules to match Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Weird Week 2020

hey everyone!

i'm currently hosting a chill jam for devs to test out their strange ideas!

weird week is inclusive to all games, films, stories and more!

you can find the game jam here!

To everyone who sees this, thank you for coming and good luck!

cool game! had fun

thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing my game! That is not the end of the game, however. I just uploaded a video of a playthrough of the whole game if you want to finish it yourself or just watch me do it.

Thanks for the feedback! I considered saving / level selection, but i couldn't get done in time, for your troubles with the levels- I uploaded a play through of the whole game, I hope it helps!

i think you'll be pleasantly surprised by my next one :D (coming soon)

thanks for playing ! i have better music tracks in another build, but I can't update the game until after the jam.

great game! i like the background and especially the music, though the environment seemed cluttered at some points and some of the jumps are weird/hard because of the physics

Yeah- I ran into that problem a lot when I was testing it. It'll be fixed in the next update :)