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really good, the only problem I had was that the skeletons resolution didn't match the game resolution everything else was amazing.

This is pretty quality, I loved the voice acting.

good meme, but its too difficult, cant beat stage two,

alright here is the official strategy guide:

play a few junk rounds to fill your inventory with 1s, the inventory will carry over between games. next through all your 1s near the cannons, and add as many twos and fours as you can, if an enemy comes pick up one of your ones and kill it, through out threes and fives if can but don't worry about it if you cant,  lastly if you don't have an IQ of over 300 and cant understand Rick and Morty don't even bother playing your too stupid.

(btw High Score 200)

I like the style, but the controls are a little stiff.

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Well that was the last phase anyway so you didn't miss much, im sorry it crashed

Thanks for the criticism, im glad you liked it.

Nice game, wish you had a life bar thou

Good job

Progarmer: can you draw a German tank?

Artist: uhh, yah (draws flag on barrel)

oh shit waddup

Flappy anime

CSE is kinda awkward how about SDF, for Shoot, Duck, and FrickinReload

I like the font.