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Sorry I took 2 and a half months to respond! Life has been a whirlwind lately.
I don't have any concrete updates, other than to say that your question inspired me to break it back out! I'm gonna try to do some playtesting, editing, and refining over the next month and see if I still think it could make a good print game. Depending on how that goes, I'll try to update again!

This game is like a beautiful guided meditation. It led me to reflect on change, impermanence, loss, and how life continues on. Thank you for creating this and sharing it.

This game is brilliant, and I don't use that term lightly. The way the visual design and dice mechanics reinforce the multiverse-hopping theme? The way the sharing of GM-authority creates the complex intergenerational family dynamic that is the emotional heart of the game? The way it is both irreverent and silly, while also being emotionally authentic and a genuine love letter/homage to Everything Everywhere All At Once? This game is so cohesive that it just blows me away.

This sounds awesome! I'm super curious to see how it turns out!

💜 Thank you for sharing, Ash! I hope your partner enjoys it as well!

Thank you! I've got an idea for a game that would fit this theme well, and I haven't had time to hammer it out. But I will definitely have time to work on it in the coming weeks. So thanks for extending this!

Yaaaay! Then I will definitely submit the other when I get it to a place to release it.

Thanks, Jess!

Can I submit multiple games? I just finished a small silly game about vampires, but I'm also working on a larger thing that I would love to submit once it is further along.

Thanks, Gabe!

Thanks, Randy!

Hey Everyone,

I am designing a For The Queen hack that is about the Guardians--a team of queer magical girls who protect your city. In my current design, the instruction phase has a point when the players can choose a card to help define the Guardians (similar to the Queen card). The cards have short descriptions of the Guardians and can help set the tone of the story.

Is there any way to allow players to choose from a set of options like that in Story Synth? Or do folks have any clever ideas for how to mimic the experience? (There's no mechanical impact, so it's fine if the choices is made and it doesn't stay visible--at least while I'm still play testing stuff.) My best idea so far is to just have the different cards included in the instructions as individual cards and tell players to choose one. The other option I've thought of is limiting myself to two of the options for now and using modals. Does anyone have another clever workaround?


Yay! Thanks!

I just finished a collaborative storytelling game that is about a competitors in a skateboarding tournament. So your character can do a lot of things, including competing in different events--i.e. games. So I wanted to see if y'all are open to analog games. It was inspired in part by the prompt from this jam (as well as the Gamer Games Game Jam).

Just played this game for a livestream and it was such a blast! It is so quick and easy to grasp, but it really manages to capture the feel of a show like the Great British Bake Off! I had a wonderful time as Reggie the Raccoon, and I can't wait to introduce the game to my home group!