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Great game, will definitely play with friends :D

You are gonna like the new update! It is coming to itchio very soon. It will enable rebinding the movement keys.

You can preview the release notes here:

Hello friends! 👋

After a few months of work, Sharp Turn has been ported to the most popular modern game engine - Unity. I have a (nearly) full-time job so I was only able to work on this task for a couple hours a week. That's why it took this long.

I did it to learn Unity, as well as to lower the barrier to actually play the game. The original version required installation of Gtk# and .NET / Mono on your computer. Something, which probably deterred a couple people! After all, it's just a small indie game and is full of them. Now you can play it directly in your web browser (or download it for Windows or Linux without the need to install any third-party libraries.

It's still painfully hard & unforgiving though. Die & retry many times to complete!  💀

I hope you are going to enjoy it. You can play or download Sharp Turn here.

Frog / 10

It just occured to me that you could also make a '' sort of bash script that would simply execute 'mono LabChirp.exe'.

Then mark it as Linux executable in the manifest so the itch client app can start it for the user, as long as Mono is installed.

This tool is seriously awesome. I think its presets are better than sfxr. I am gonna use it in my games!

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Alright, I checked and it does! Sweet! Although some note mentioning that would be helpful 🙂


I also updated Wine in my system from 4.0 to 5.0 and it works with Wine as well.

Why is this marked as Linux and Mac compatible? It only comes with an .exe file...

An interesting insight, I have not thought about it that way 🙂

I would say it is definitely more a game than a tool. So it should be categorized such.

Thank you very much!

What about the Linux version?

Please add it :)

Hi, is the full version going to be available on as well? If yes, is it going to be under this page or a new one?

Will the full game come to as well? :)

This game is pretty fun, I hope it will support Linux as well :)

I played through the entire game with keyboard and no problems on Linux here :)

Thanks for your video!

I went with the ball all the way to the beginning and then I thought the game goes to some sort  of "free play mode". Had no idea that I can woof myself even further to the left to unlock the ending!


Is the full release going to happen on as well?

This game rocks

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The game won't startPlease make sure that you followed the Install instructions on the game page.

Some sprites blend in with the game window
The game uses GTK, which is supposed to integrate with the system theme for windows to achieve a consistent look.

However, due to the chosen art direction using a limited color palette it is recommended to use bright system themes, like the default ones in Windows or Ubuntu.

You can always change the default look of windows in your operating system in your system settings.

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While reporting issues and asking for help, it is crucial that you deliver as much information as possible. To do that, please use the following template:

Issue title:Short, one sentence title, e.g. "All the game assets are pink on Linux"
Description:Detailed description of the problem, e.g. "Once I accept the quest for the Holy Grail, the game crashes immediately. I played as Sir Robin for 10 minutes before this happened"
Build version:
Which build version did you play on, e.g. "Version 1812031934 (50484e71)"
My specs:What operating system and hardware do you run, e.g. "Windows 7 64-bit, GTX 1080 (driver 410.78), i7-8700, 16 GB RAM"
Screenshots:If applicable, please attach a screenshot of the problem
Steps to reproduce:What steps are required to reproduce the problem, e.g. "Start the game and go straight for the Camelot. Once you arrive there, choose the first dialogue option while talking to the guard standing outside."

Yeah, I'd love to play that if it had a Linux version :)

Thanks! Now it plays much better. Your game is cool! I like the animations, the light and the platforming.

Thank you for your fast response! Arrows + ZXC seem like a good choice :)

Hey, nice game there, just a bit difficult. Is there a way to rebind the keyboard controls? The default ones are a pain, I can tell you designed it to play with controller :)

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The controls are quite clunky and the game objectives are unclear, but the engine does vrooming noises alright and mowing around the trees is as difficult as it is in real life. Overall, a competent lawn mowing experience!

It even works on Linux using Wine, if you force the D3D9 via a command line parameter.