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Really solid entry.  I loved the take on the first person turn based by adding the guns and bullet spray, it added to what is usually an outdated and visually boring battle perspective and made it extremely enjoyable.

Music and atmosphere were excellent and the mature story line and setting were cool as well.  Nothing like gang wars and murder to really get the mind going.  When I intimidated Gram, it seemed like the meeting hadn't been set up yet, so maybe a small little scene of coercing him to make the call before he is dead would fill a very minor plot hole. 

 I don't know if I just personally missed it, but trying to press "shift" to move faster off of the bike would be nice, but that is honestly my only complaint.

Despite my little constructive criticisms, I liked this a lot and hope that a larger project is in the works.

5 Stars from me.

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I gave it a play and I was kind of disappointed with the balance.  It seemed like the monsters scaled with the player, which is fine but they were very powerful.  Maybe it was the character I ended up getting from the initial choice sequence (which was very cool by the way) but my guy seemed to have very little defense and negligible attack stats, even after purchasing the best possible gear.  

Also, the encounter rate was WAY too high.  For a puzzle based dungeon, I really don't like taking two steps and encountering a monster.

I will say, the attention to detail with the Egyptian mythos was spot on, and the mapping and art were both excellent.  Sound fit well and helped with the atmosphere.

Most of the puzzles in the dungeon were fine, although I encountered one in The Temple of Isis that was basically just guessing which switches to pull and while a trial and error method wouldn't be a problem in itself, the aforementioned encounter rate really made that floor of the Isis dungeon feel like a chore.

My suggestion is to alter the encounter rate and work on balancing the fights a little bit more.  Also, perhaps after each dungeon is cleared, perhaps offer a story moment, even if it is small so the game doesn't feel just like a crawler.

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The language barrier was really tough to get through as I couldn't figure out how to get off the motorcycle or where I had to go really.  I saw that there were the quest markers on the map when in the city but I quite honestly had no idea what was going on.

That being said, I see a lot of potential in the SRPG style of combat there were quite a few skills to use and summoning cats is always a plus.

The art and music were both gorgeous and seemed to fit well together.  Curious to see how far this game comes along but the issue of language was hard for me to get past.

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Great artwork and intriguing story. 

While the puzzle, for the most part, were easy enough, not being able to grab extra orbs or energy at certain spots was kind of bummer, mostly because I'm terrible at puzzle games.

However, save spots were frequent enough to where I could save scum when I royally screwed up on the robot "boss fight."

Music and tone fit really well, and I'm curious to see what happens with Aysel and if we ever get to liberate the other Astrals and potentially destroy Harbor.

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I really see a lot of potential with this game.  The mapping and atmosphere was top notch and if the monsters end up being silent hill like in the future iterations of this game I can see it really being a hit.

The heart meter really adds to anxiety the game delivers.  I've also heard that a battery meter for the flashlight is in the works and that will even make this game more harrowing.

 Solving the puzzles in the future while dealing with a mysterious adversary will be really fun.  Can't wait to see a final version of this game.

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A game with so much character.  The custom sprites and ridiculous personalities come together in way that causes this game to just ooze charm.

While the combat is simple, it is layered enough to make interesting combos and it also allows for strategy to smash bosses.  Funny dialogue and humorous villains and allies make this game a riot to play.   Also, every song is a serious bop and or jam and I couldn't stop nodding along to the tunes.

As with other games from Atlas, optional choices allow for some variance in the outcome of the story and they never disappoint.  

Don't forget to try the Nuke Item, it is crazy powerful.  

All in all, this game is a short story masterpiece, definitely give it a play.  

5/5 from me!