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great to hear that :D

been playing it for past 1 hour :V really cool game, please allow online multiplayer too X

amazing! have been playing the game for hours now XD probably gonna do a lets play on my youtube channel!

Today i've released my biggest mod in minecraft PE! It is FORGERY MOD v1.0

this mod adds in 150+ cool swords to your game! what you're waiting for? Get it now while its hot!

yeah. me and team has the rage as well XD. when we lose to the speed of the projectiles. Thanks for Playing RiverDawn! its amazing to see my games are actually played by people :D and yeah, it speeds up the more you went through the game :)

Can i make youtube content with this game?

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The file size is ginormous

Great tool!

just stop by to say Its awesome! Is it written in lua?? And what method you use for fast sine and cos calculation? Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic SkyMine

Hey, i've just release a game. Its a 2 dimensional platforming sandbox game. I'd like to ask what more do i need in my game.

Currently recheived ideas;

-More ores

-More tools


-More skins

skyforge 1.2 update:

Use WASD to move

Use E to open inventory

Use mouse to break and place block