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Thank you!

Awsome feedback thank you!

Once asked a question the scene transitions to the fight sequence. The goal is to shoot the heart till it explodes, there are 3 separate instances of this. Getting hit by the heart lowers your success rate with the date. Overall deciding the outcome of the date. My Game is free but I would love to still submit!

Loved the video thank you for playing!


Thank you!

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When the devil calls is a short experimental horror game where you play as a cleaner, it's your job to collect lost souls and send them to hell...

Your task is to collect a family that was supposed to die a few days prior, but somethings go wrong, and they have lived past what the devils predicted. Now it's up to you to collect their lost souls and return to the underworld. 

When the devil calls

Hopefully soon!

hey man thank you for the awsome comment! I have a few games in the works but my main focus is on a vr title if your interested in fallowing that progress Check out Handley Shelton (@handley_shelton):

No need to pay for the game, supports many diffrent payment options. I currently have it set to pay what you want. You can always skip this option and go right to the downlod by clicking take me to the download.

No sorry :( I will work on a port. At some point I would love to bring it to browser's.

that is exactly what I was going for thank you1

Thank you so much!

Loved the video!

enjoyed the video!

Thank You!

Loved the video! Also loved what you said about the paranoia we really do all judge each other. :)

Thank you for playing the game I loved your video!

Thanks man loved the video!

yeah I was kinda going for that vibe. I wanted to play with unitys physics system and also loved sumotori so it just kinda happend. :)

Wow Thank you for this amazing response and I loved the video! I am glad you enjoyed the game!

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Nice man

just wow