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Thank you so much.

Thank you for video and feedback.

Thank you for video.

Thank you.

Thank you for playing.

Thank you for video. Your review is honest and fair.

Hello and welcome.

Chào mừng . you are welcome. We hope you enjoy our game. Please introduce this game to other people in your country. We are eager to have feedback from Vietnamese.

Thank you.

Thank you for kind words and your video.

Thank you so much.Your video is so cool.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing.

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It's about one hour.

In The Name Of Freedom is a series of the game about war that we decided to release the first episode of it free to make a name for next series.

The Story

Anna is an American journalist whose husband as a soldier disappears at the Vietnam War. At the request of the chief executive officer, she sets out on a mission to the war zone, hoping to, both, find a clue of her husband and deliver reports to her employer...

Download Link :

Hammer Games Studio is an independent video game design company founded
and incorporated in 2015.

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