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Thanks for playing! They're meant to represent the paths between neurons in your brain, a sort of free-association thing about how one memory leads you to remember another. And the red ones are the trauma ones lol

In case you want some feedback: When I first played it I was confused about how you equip gear, I thought it auto-equipped but it didn't.

Also the way the Sell icon with the peddler is a button but actually it's something you have to drag gear onto, maybe that could be clearer.

Overall I had a gr8 time playing though like it's my fave eroge i've played in ages well done! subbed to ur patreon :)

had to come back to this and it's way sadder the second time

i got 623 :cool:

love the 3d models and art style

how big are your hands

I just realised the reason I can't do level 4 - it's because i'm on a 144hz screen! My friend played this (he loved it btw) and I can see on his screen he moves about twice as fast haha. I think the mystery is solved

Really well-made, works perfectly, satisfying physics too. I didn't manage to finish it but it was frustrating in all the right ways

My friend said "it's destructive interference!" which is now canon

Cool idea and I think the graphics were amazing. Send me your shader please haha

Really amazing sound pallette and colour scheme, and the shapes in the graphics + particles were really cool. I liked the gameplay although wall-jumping was a tiny bit inconsistent. I got to 4/7 then couldn't get up on that platform above the button, might just be me though

Really cool idea, I think the execution was really perfect as well, I didn't find anything glitchy. The sound effects were useful and the spelling of a word is a nice way of doing it!

25.555! not quite your time :)

Love this idea, really creative, and really well implemented, thanks for the tip on the walls because I'd have been confused otherwise.

Thank you, really appreciate that

Haha that's the magic! thanks for giving it a try

When I played it, when you got to the third level, my character just kept getting swept away, I couldn't walk faster than the 'current' that was pushing me back. maybe there was a way to sprint that I didn't know about. But it was a cool idea, I liked the memory element and the graphics seemed very well-done especially the spinning saws, reminded me of Limbo haha.

Hi, thank you for making the game! Really cool subject to make a game about and I thought the little hats were funny. The gameplay was pretty cool as well, I liked that there was a bit of a memory element and the overlapping veins was a cool feature too.

I really loved the idea behind this game. I think it has a lot of potential and I think using the mouse and field of the screen as the way to control the colour is really innovative so really well done since I think you said it's your first game. I would have been able to do better if there was a clearer way to know where you need to go on the screen to get the colour you want. I never managed to get 2 in a row haha.

I think you executed this really well especially for the time - I liked the design of the eyes, I think it's a cool visual style!

I think you executed this really well especially for the time - I liked the design of the eyes, I think it's a cool visual style!

Hi, really cool idea. I thought the graphics were well-designed as well! I think the idea of a drug dealing stealth game is really cool but maybe the gameplay could be refined a little but of course you didn't have much time!

Thank you - I started with the "dangerous choices" theme, thought about when in my life things have felt dangerous. Then I wanted to make it very abstract. So I thought of the idea of the points and lines, then after that I thought they seemed like exploring neurons in the brain. I thought that the red neuron could represent a traumatic or painful memory, and the choice to remember is a danger in itself.

thank you! Really appreciate it

Evil game hahaha. I think the message very much comes through. I don't think I found it fun but I know that wasn't the point. Maybe would have benefited from something to enhance the repetitive atmosphere like music or some humour or occasional messages of encouragement or something

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Hiya - cool idea, great choice of music too :) the jumping was a little buggy for me; I didn't always jump when I pressed space/W, but I think the principle was really cool to have all these invisible enemies that you have to discover

This is amazing; you must be very good in whatever engine/software you use to have done this in 3 hours. The music is great too, and the controls feel perfect.

Thanks so much, I'm really glad some of them meant something to you

Hi, thank you! I wanted to keep it very simple haha

impressed you did this in 3 hours! interesting morals and love the flash era-type graphics

??? it's just a standard metroidvania style boss battle

how did u go from a high score of 5 to a high score of 31 loool

my high score is 35!!

best thing i've played in a long time

Aw no! I missed the MacOS bit in the description haha.


I am not sure how to install the game on windows! I haven't seen this file structure on a game before.



Hiya, thanks! Don't worry I don't expect any points there haha! I don't know if you saw the description or not - the coding ended up being a bit more difficult than I expected so I ended up not having time to put in nice graphics or sound. I learned a lot at least

haha thank you!  I care a lot about stories. I will fix the stretch thing when I next patch this; it's definitely happened to at least 1 other person

I found out I needed to enable stretch_mode in the project settings! that was the issue.

Yeah I think just that - art isn't really my area of expertise but that's what I imagined!