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uh oh, no thanks. I will rather make another Tetris clone or something.

the game has potential to be very fun but needs to be more polished. after a level is clear, it should go to a new level instead of ending. the game is very unforgiving with only one life and in multiplayer often one player died right at start because he spawned close to a ghost.

is it possible to host private games? (password protected?)

neat game with potential. however 2 minutes until finish was a bit disappointing.

does not seem to support my gamepads, these ones:

the game does not react to any button presses, so players can not even join

i downloaded the game via the itch-app on linux mint and it automatically worked, without worrying about love2d versions.

not working with these gamepads:

only one button seems to function (makes a barking sound) but can not move.

does it not support controllers without sticks? my gamepads have d-pads only, so it seems i can not get past the tutorial where it says "move left stick"

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tried to run on Linux Mint. had to install libgconf via

sudo apt install libgconf-2-4

still fails to launch:

(bitbout:9874): Pango-ERROR **: 00:50:31.269: Harfbuzz version too old (1.1.3)

neat little game. i played until level 8 or so. (the one with 3 levelers)

needs a way to resume playing where you stopped? a save function or password system.

i tested your game on Linux Mint: it worked.

Filenames would be better as" instead of just ""

On the game itself, I have to agree with Emiss23.
The levels and enemies are not very interesting. It is just cube-shaped rooms and a bunch of post-processing effects. It felt more like a techdemo than a proper game. In the first level when I pressed F to go to the next floor, my crosshair disappeared. Is that on purpose? On death, the camera floated endlessly through the walls.

youtube has some videos where people seemingly install some dozen games and some of them are shown to have viruses:

are uploads scanned in any way?