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I didn't

Hi there! 
This is a know issue with the Itch store. I recommend installing it from the website, not the steam like itch store app. Several softwares will give you problem when installed through the store.

Did you used the Itch Store app? Did you downloaded from the website? What linux distro are you using? What package have you downloaded from the game? We've ran successfully on two test machines (Debian x64 and Ubuntu x64).

Old bicycle
Atari revamps

brah. I would love to have your help! Can we work together on this 48hrs jam? We're two people here, Me and a friend. The code will be made in Lua/Löve2D

Yeah, I was trying to work with objects in this game (multiple zombies) becaus I'm not big at Object Oriented Programming. The game is basically a shitty shooter hahaha.

About the bullet point, I found it almost impossible at my currently programming skills level to make the bullet be spawned at the tip of the barrel because it isn't just a question of distance from the center axis. I have a lot of things to get better at :(

Hi! This game need some features added to be actually the complete Acey Duckey game, maybe you could help with that too if you have the chance. The source code is on the game's page. If you want to understand how the complete game works, try my text only version (made in C language):

Anyway, aceyduckey is a player vs. house luck game. Two cards are drawn by the house, and you have the option to decide how much you want to bet (This is the feature currently lacking), plus, bet is mandatory. 

The Idea to dominate the game is to understand the cards values, if the difference between the values is bigger, there is a better chance you double the money you've  bet because the chance of the third card pulled by the house be one with a value between the two first cards is increased, otherwise you loose al the money you've bet. Basically, you should bet low on "hard pairs" and bet high on "easy pairs".

The toast (or gangnam style, depending on a random factor) slate, is a message presented when the Löve engine runs without a game. Have you experienced this screen while running the game? This may be a bug that needs fixing, please let me know.

There's a new level of the game available!

doooooone! Now it has more levels and a better error sound!

There's a new version available, and the error sound is "less rude" than before :D

There's a new version available, and the error sound is "less rude" than before :D

I've included new levels and a whoooole redesign of the game, more oriented to patterns than a maze

Thanks :D

Hi Yirggzmb. This was already added to the devlog here on twitch and it would be solved this weekend I hope, together with a lot of improvements. I decided to put more effort on this game and see if I can make this into a full fledge game.

Hi guys! 
Thanks so much for the warm review! 

I'm adding the error sound change on the roadmap for the game, as well as the better tone oriented movement for the levels (the one's already done and the one's I'm working on). Thanks again for the tip.

Regarding your comment, "Oh, and the start menu worked perfectly - no troubles there :d", I didn't get that, sorry. Is there something wrong with the menu or not LoL?  

Eu sou português, mas vivo faz 7 anos no Brasil :D

Negativo, The third level IS from Zelda actually.

Thanks Negativo! I'm truly glad you enjoyed the game, please, feel free to submit music's for adding levels, improvements, etc. Also, feel free to spread the word! I would love to see more people playing this game. Specially other indie game developers! 

Also, I saw you also make games, we should band together to code something any weekend. I'm very new to this, but maybe we can put something nice together.

Well, thanks BlueJackalope. But don't cry. Enjoy the game and create consciousness by spreading the game idea to others.

I was trying to publish my game and I'm getting a message that the game is in debug mode (even after editing the AndroidManifest.xml file inside love-android-sdl2/original

Care to help me?

Amazing work btw man.