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Thank you! :) 

Yea you could add that, but please extend the time the dash works at least for 0.4 seconds :) 

I really like the sounds and everything else is also good. What i would suggest is more variety in the dungeons and more stuff to buy at the shop. I finished the game and had 120 bugs left. Also i would like to see more enemies and for the magic dash to be a tiny bit longer and make you faster, because i ended up not using it at all. The transitions between rooms is good, but it could be a little bit quicker, because i sometimes walked into traps.

It's just like that one mobile game, but with "glitchy" effects. It looks good, but the level design could use some better work. The transition is also too long and sometimes doesn't work right, like the text shows in front of the white part.

Not really much to do. I liked that some of the planets had different properties like you get damaged if you stand on it or you get bigger or smaller.

Could use a few more levels. It's fun!

oh this happened to me too! i thought it was the end.

I really like the visual style. I usually don't play horror games, but decided to give this one a try and its not too scary. I don't know if i got to the ending, but i went to what looked like train track tunnel to the end and the game ended there.

The idea is good, but the controls are really bad. It's just not fun when you cant turn where you want to. Everything else was good. I'd suggest removing the a/d turning and just make it point to the mouse pointer


Yea the jump sometimes doesn't work because the animation makes the player go a little bit above ground and when hes above ground he cant jump :/

Well i built the levels around the jump, so i can't really change it.

Well i built the levels around the jump, so i can't really change it.

Yup, thanks! It's such an easy thing to do and makes it feel a little bit more real even if its just a black cube.

The secret walls were meant to be secret. So you would find them on accident. And yea sometimes you had to shoot some boxes and not shoot others. The bugged areas idea is good! I might do that. In this case the player has to feel locked down because they are trying to escape a sludge factory...

I would have had like 5000 score but i just kept bumping into things. I'm 1. in the leaderboard rn. Good job!

Yea i just didnt have much time and i thought people will see the key and keyhole and know what to do. The floatyness is from the animation, because the animation actually changes the players height so it moves you. 

Yea you really gotta spam W :D and thanks my music skills are 0 but i tried. I dont think there was silence in the song, maybe it was too quiet. 

Thats just unneccesary complication... 

Good game, could improve it by glitching the avatar more just like the level

I like it, but it lacks J U I C E. Its just jump and run and the running is pretty slow.

Thanks for the review. For me personally the movement wasn't a problem, but i will try out making it snappier

Nice. Completely unexpected. Ending was good :D (if the top down shooter part was the end)

That yes, but he was copy-pasting the same "haha amazing game. maybe check out my game" comment on every review

I don't know how you made this in 3 days, but it is insanely good. Doesn't really fit the theme much, but its a good game.

A really good game, the only thing is that i always press dodge too early and i get hit anyways

This might be the best game in this game jam. Well done

I didn't understand anything really. Would be cool if you made the game simpler and not having to change guns and enemies having numbers on them and i shoot them and sometimes they die sometimes they dont

Dude that's pretty scummy to say this to all games just to get yours more reviews

i like the idea but it would be cool if there was some more variety in the gameplay. They come from the same spots and even when i didnt click on them i survived for like 10 seconds. I survived for 60.

i know the theme was intentional bugs, but the game is just unplayable... i hit a wall and start spinning, hit a seaweed and start flying and i flew away from the map

I played on mobile i had like 10 fps

If the tutorial actually made you do the things when it tells you them i could remember everything i have to do. The intentional glitching of the player and him not shooting how you would assume isn't really good. The theme was intentional bugs, but when the game is unplayable i think its too much. Some textures were over others when they shouldn't be (burgers over walls). The textures were too complicated. Also you don't need a separate button to hide the list. You could just make it so click on it to hide it or a smaller button, but i didn't really see a reason to close the list if you need to know what to make. The cooking was also really not user-friendly.

It was pretty fun, simple and looks good. Would be cool if there was music and more sound effects. The part with the floating green things could be better if you removed one.

Thank you for your review! For me the jump felt good, but i will check it

Everything in the game looked and sounded good except for the UI. Box and gun in the menu was twitching. Move health and ammo to the bottom center or sides of the screen because those are important stats and i cant be looking at the top of the screen all the time. Also replace health with a health bar.

The "tutorial" wasn't really helpful because i didn't know what the game was about and you are telling me about other stuff.II would suggest saying what the goal of the game is , that its a top down wave shooter. Also when i press esc in the shop it should close the shop screen and not leave to main menu, please.

Thank you! :) I also noticed that the player sometimes wouldn't jump or something so when i update it i will try to fix this.

Good visuals and audio. Play time was about 30 minutes. Things to add i would say a level selector or some way to see what level you are on. At first i didn't understand what you meant with "Spawn Bolt". Just call it Player or mention it somewhere that the player is a bolt. 

Are the block placements predetermined or randomised?

Thank you! I think i know where you got stuck. I tried to remove all the spots that were really tricky. You can double jump and there are secret invisible doors you can go through for a faster path. The bugs i left turned into the main features. They arent glitchy or anything.