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Good job! It is crazy you did in time!

I can see you enjoyed the making process from the freedom and relax in the animation. The interaction, the goal and rules are still mysterious to me after about 100 eggs, but those are not the point. In  the essence, this is an animation based game and all is in the language of visual elements. 

Keep up the good work!

It is hard to see a Wario-like game these days! Good job!

I find this to be an underrated (judged by comments) brillient piece of work. Instead of playing as swordman in midage castle, I played as myself adventuring in the internet...and get beaten by virus and got lost...



I am glad you enjoyed it

Actually cool. But really not a snake game as there is not real body to collide



Thanks for your tip about the control problem on Mac,  will fix it in the next update.

Thanks for your reply. Played and rated your entry, it is really well done.

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Nice game! A hybrid of good old game? Well done.

It is too crazy to do the tower defense and fishing at the same time... Nice interpretation on the theme.

Thanks for your kind reply and advise on the music. Played and rated your entry.

Thanks for playing and you-tubing.  

Sorry to learn that you couldn't pass the 4th level... I really hope you could experience the end (which is the most important part of the game).

Here is a link to another play-through (with the ending)

Thanks for comment!

Thanks for your feed back. I also played your entry. Good job! 

Congratulations for your hard work.

I have to say that your game is much deeper than what I would expect from the first look of it...

And I did decided to give up while stuck at first scene, before I checked the comments....


The game is quite complete in the sense of story and challenge. But those mechanics wait in the second scene, after you have to work out the "tree jump" trick by yourself. (Not really yourself, though as the second NPC would tell you.)

This is against the way we do game design usually.

But wait, it's a meta game, it feels like finding an Easter egg unlocks a whole new world!

You are supposed to miss them if played commonly. Maybe never notice them. From some perspective they are not really part of the game.


From the second scene, there are quite solid level design around the simple mechanic of "close button" which quite fits the theme. Though they are really kind of a bit hard.

It really feels good to unlock cursor. (I guess this is not the only entry that thought of cursor as meta element).

PS: I couldn't beat the boss.

Complex machine, mysterious codes, confusing instructions. I really like this kind of puzzle.

I have not beat this game yet.

Thanks for your encouragement!

Pretty a simple drama on the theme of fate? 

Those  characters look simple but the animation feels goods.

Thanks for playing! I am glad you had similar thoughts. I think games can do anything films could do, especially on realistic topics.

Thanks for your reply. I didn't polish my game well, but I am glad you get the point eventually. 

Thank you for playing my game though and left a reply