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Honestly, I could see the potential in this game... like if you put music and sounds and maybe just a bit of more work into the text you could get a great game.

Love the art! The controls could be better but I love the idea of memorization with this game. I found myself trying over and over again to remember where the blocks were.

The start is nice but it does get difficult fairly fast also mapping ONE sound to a key would be nice so i could close my eyes and just intuitively know that a sound is just that one key. The concept is great though!

Good idea, it took me a minute to get used to the controls. 

Like the simplicity but I think you can improve on it!

Like the challenge, and found myself trying to trick the AI into moving back and forth by using the map walls to teleport from top-bottom and left-right

Like the concept, I found myself spamming until I got a good angle, more than strategically positioning (just my 2 cents).

Super cool idea! Brings back the memories of older styled games in a great way.

Liked it, mostly because at some point I couldn't stop laughing at how many times I got the shooting people is a crime screen.