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This update adds four pages to the PDF with changes to the Hex Map, the addition of a Changelog, and a new adventuring location (the Bell Watchers) with a small dungeon (the Third Tower).

This is one of the first adventuring locations a starting group can investigate if starting in Ashwharf, as its about a day’s travel to the south by foot.

This update marks the first PDF available for download. It consists of a very simple unkeyed hexmap (will be updated later) and a page on Ashwharf, one of the starting settlements in the Shattered Isles.

Where can we download the HOT TRACKS??

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Hey, just wanted to reach out and say that you should just post it. Your raw dump of content is someone else’s afternoon of reading.

Your concept sounds awesome, so don’t get too in your own head. The nice thing about itch is you can just incrementally improve and update. But if its not out there in the first place, the only one who sees that progress is you. And, from the sounds of it, you’re your own biggest critic.

EDIT: Also, followed!

+1 for more Mosaic Strict content!

Love this! Fun little thing to do while busy.

While SOTOW II has all the rules you need to use it, here’s a link to the first volume. Both are pay what you want.

Wonderful to hear! Glad you and your group had fun.

Have fun! Feel free to shoot me a message with how it went or post about it here!

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Ability mods don’t come into play when defending, but if a creature has any amount of DR (from items or effects, etc.) they gain a +X to the check to defend, where X is the DR.

So for example, if a monster’s attack is 3, normally a character has a 3-in-6 chance at evading the attack. But if they’re wearing DR 1 armor, that becomes a 4-in-6 chance at evading the attack.

As an aside, I’ve been working on a few house rules regarding morale, sundering armor, and some other stuff I was planning on doing an errata for in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that!

Apologies for the delay in responding - been a crazy week!

It sounds like you figured it out, but feel free to ask if there’s anything else that’s confusing. Happy to provide my thoughts.

These are intentionally world-ending scenarios, but if I were to actually have this used each session or even more than once I’d probably reduce the risk to just the local area hex or something similar. Thanks for the comments!

Thanks so much!

The cover design on this is stellar!

Just added a MOSAIC Strict spellcasting system, “Sorceries of the Old Ways”. Heavily inspired by having played Elden Ring too much the past few weeks and being unable to put down The Book of Gaub.

Thanks Colin! Appreciate the support.

Hey there Diogo,

There will be! Currently working on getting backer copies out before selling physical copies. I'll have a bunch of information on that in the coming weeks.

Thanks for the interest! And might I say, I thoroughly enjoyed Halls of the Blood King!

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Hey there!

I had originally gone without a character sheet as the stats are super slimmed down, but I think a character sheet could be pretty fun (maybe one for each role?)... I'll give it some thought!

If I do, I'll make it free for folks to download here on the page.

Thanks for the kind words!

EDIT: In case anyone is looking for character sheets, they're located here: Dungeoneering Character Sheets

I had given Kickstarter backers keys through the import option, then set group keys they could claim. 

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Hi there,

My project has two files (the main project file and a supplemental file that's essentially like DLC). For the past few months both have been set to free so that Kickstarter backers could access the game they paid for (including the DLC). Now, however, I've set a price on the files so that the public can purchase the game and DLC for $12 and $20 respectively (basically, they get the game for $12 and get the game + DLC if they pay $20).

This seems to have made it so that Kickstarter backers can no longer access the DLC. I looked around for an answer but I couldn't find a way to make the key group I generated a few months back able to access all files.

For now I've made it so that the DLC is effectively free again, but I would like to be able to set a price on that moving forward without locking out backers who have already paid for it. Any help is appreciated,

- Nate

Hey there!

AR and DR are modifiers added by items and effects. As you can see on the Warrior, their armor and shield has a DR rating. There are no starting weapons that offer an AR bonus, so you’ll need to grab magic items to increase them.

In the testing I did, adding AR for starting characters made encounters a bit too easy whereas adding DR made it so they could at least survive a bit better if bad rolls came up. With more folks having more hands on the rules we’ll see if that logic holds up!

Let me know if there are further questions!

Have questions or want to deliver feedback for DUNGEONEERING? Here's the place to do it!
Note: I'm one guy with no moderators, so I may not be able to respond right away!

Okay, just sent. 

Hi there,

I realized it was sent from an alternate email of mine (the one with the 7genae domain). I’ll resend it from my gmail associated with this account. 

Apologies for the confusion!

Hi there,

I have a project I'm looking to launch today from Kickstarter (it's a tabletop roleplaying game PDF). I thought I did my homework and got everything all prepped for my send, but was alerted that I needed admin approval to send. Any idea of how long this takes? I was under the impression that this would be a sort of immediate or automated process.

I appreciate any help. Thanks!