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Hi !

You're welcome, i think all I said, you deserve it :) Indeed it's a bit confusing, but in the best way ! I'm totally looking forward to see what's coming next ^^

Maybe as She want o_o

Ah ah good to hear it :D And you're welcome, it was a pleasure discovering your game ^^ I'll stay tuned to see more of your work, and if you need beta tester in the future, I'd love to help you :)


Hi! Thanks for fixing it so fast, I could finally finish your game :D

The story is very cool and immersive, also I really liked the ambiance you put in place !

Concerning the game, despite the gameplay was enjoyable and fluid (and the "strange" second jump wasn't a problem), I found the all a little too easy. I could developp this further, but it depends if you consider this game as a final version or if you still want to improve it (both options are okay though, and I don't want to be like "blablabla you should do that..." no ^^').

For finish, I noticed two minor issues (not real problems). In the overworld, I don't need to unlock the others level to go directly to the last, and also it didn't reset itself when i started a new game (but as is said it's not a big deal). And the other one is some glitch with the npc, when you speak to them while holding an arrow key, sometimes the hero keep going on this direction, either automatically, either while pressing a direction key.

I hope I didn't bothered you with all that, I really liked your game :) I'll play the others you made when I will have the time to ^^.

Thanks again !

Ah ah you're welcome, thanks for your answer :)

Okay! I wasn't sure, and couldn't see if this behavior was used for further gameplay, I'll give you my impressions when I'll have finished this game :) (but there is no need to urge).

Thank you again for your work !

You're welcome, I have the habit to search a fly in the ointment (is it the correct expression?) but it's never to overwhelm, it's just because i'm interested in your game :)

I found the hint, but it wasn't helpful for me ^^" (maybe I'm bad at logical thinking, either the keytouch being refered doesn't do anything, either it's the roman number in which case I already had this informations, either there is another hint and I didn't found it). And I don't know why I can't rotate the room to help me solve this riddle, it was the part I prefered ^^"

Hi metal buddy :)

I finally tested your demo, and loved the concept of revealing hidden things :3 I also love the art and the atmosphere you put in place (in normal time i'm not a fan of Limbo like games, but you achieved to create your own gameplay and visual and that's cool ^^ ).

Maybe a little audio feedback from the firefly would be welcome when there is something, I had some troubles during the the hedgehog riddle ^^" And maybe a reminder when comes the first time to drag a box (I didn't remember at the first time the key, it wasn't an actual problem, but it would be nicer to learn the mechanics this way, like when we fall and press Z )

Anyway, great job ! I'll stay tuned on your progress :)


You're welcome, I know that feeling when bugs appear on other computer ^^"

Thank you in advance for fixing it, I'll be glad to continue your game :3

Ah, and two other things I noticed, I didn't know if it was a bug, but when you make your first jump and you go down, after the "zenith" of the jump, the second jump is a little one. Is it intentional? And the second thing, at the very beginning,if you go to the left and jump into the gap, you make an infinite fall and you have to restart the game. (sorry for coming with all of this :o )

(1 edit)

Hello :) I don't want to seem overreactive, but I'm deeply in love with your game (okay, maybe I overreact a little).

But honestly, your art is what I prefer the most in drawing and animation : black and white, twisted, underground, strange, polished, punk... and you awesomely integrated it in your game ! That's the first time I see those graphics in video game, and i was amazed.

Also the stor... the narrati... the whatever is happening is really really cool !

Wish you the best for the development, I'll definitively buy your game when it will be released :D


Hi! I really enjoyed playing this game ! You've done an elegant puzzle game, congrats :)

If I might give my feedback, the only black shadow I see is the penultimate riddle which don't use the turnaround mechanics (though I found this riddle very cool). Also concerning this riddle, it was quite easy to solve by using a pen and a paper, but for player on mobile, if they are in deplacement or on the throne, you could maybe help in the level design by making a paving or something that shows the row (argh, I hope you don't think I didn't like your game or I'm criticizing it :o )

Thanks for the discovery :)


I finally played them all o/ (sorry for the first time, I constantly had the same two levels despite all the resets).

Thanks for the experience,


Ah ah de rien, ça fait toujours du bien à un jeu d'avoir des feedbacks, et je me doute que votre projet va encore évoluer et que vous y avez déjà pensé ^^ En tout cas vous nous avez fait un beau projet qui exploite bien l'origami, que ce soit l'aspect material design et même le gameplay, ce qui ne s'est encore jamais trop fait dans les jeux vidéos :) (enfin pas à ma connaissance).

Sens toi libre de jouer à notre démo dès que tu le voudras, tes retours nous seront toujours utiles :)

Bonne journée/soirée/nuit à toi aussi !


Yes of course :) Here

Hello, I tested your game and I'd like to answer your questions in the comment below :)

- I found the game enjoyable and fun to play, and I don't think the game in itself is difficult, it's just not easy to kill ten enemies. The fact that they're constantly shooting at me make me flee all the time, trying to kill some of them who where a little alone before the others came. So I didn't really felt in a game where I have to shoot my enemies, but rather in a survival game. Their regeneration and strong use of their shield didn't help ^^"

I found the concept of attacking and defending very interesting, you should develop that further. Maybe in a new version i'd like to see some bonuses (like gaining more ammo, regenerating too, different kind of missiles and shield, speed, etc...), maybe having the cam less close to the ship, which currently take too much space screen. And if the purpose of this game is actually to sweat blood and water by killing one enemy, maybe having a little reward ^^. Oh and showing more clarly our goal, by adding the requested number on the counter (1/10, 2/10...).

I say all this but it's absolutely not negative, I understand you made this demo during a game Jam and you did a great job :)

Sorry for the bad english and thank you,


Hello ! Thank you a lot for this happy game, it made me... happy :D I loved the ambiance, the environment, the cute little pig, and the adorable puzzle :3

Glad to read in the comments there will be more :)


Hello, I loved playing this game! The characters, especially the sword, are so cute, the art is beautiful, and the sound design is really good :D It was a little harsh at the beginning to control the character, but your 2 buttons gameplay is super effective !

You made a great job, I don't know if there will be more on this, I'll stay informed :)


That was really gay :D

Loved the tiny experience, it was very poetic :3

Hello Marcel, thank you a lot for your video :D We're glad you loved it !

Sorry for the problem you came across on the second planet, we will fix it for a next demo.

We keep working on this project to be a full game one day !

Thanks again,


Hello! I tested your game, and when comes the first time I'm on the map, anything happens regardless the key I press, it's a little frustrating I can't continue ^^" did you have encoutered this problem before?

I was seduced by the first level, I love the ambiance, it kind of reminds me a mix between Zelda and Journey, also the physics was very enjoyable :)

Thank you,


Hello :) Je viens de finir votre démo, félicitation ! Les graphismes sont superbes, la narration est bien travaillée, et les énigmes sont bien pensées ^^

J'ai eu cependant un peu de mal dans la progression à cause de certains problème dans le game design, les plateformes n'étant pas très affordantes (j'ai du voir la vidéo de Let's Play pour comprendre qu'on pouvait monter et passer sous la table), des petites incohérences au niveau de la prise des objets (des fois je peux en avoir qu'un, des fois non) et j'ai peut-être trouvé un peu lent les déplacements quand il s'agit de traverser d'un bout à l'autre de la scène (et comme je suis pas très malin, je l'ai fait plusieurs fois ^^").

En tout cas bravo, le concept d'un point and click dans le Japon d'après guerre est vraiment bon, et vous avez su bien retranscrire tout ça ! Toutes les remarques que j'ai dites sont pour si vous continuez de le produire, ce genre de jeu m'intéresse :)

Merci pour l'expérience!


Hello, c'est Manu de la team d'Oma Lost :) J'ai beaucoup aimé le principe de l'origami et son application dans le gameplay, et attend impatiemment la suite que vous nous annoncez !

J'ai eu un peu de problème à jouer au début, je me suis référé aux controles expliqués sur cette page, et donc je bataillais avec la touche entrer pour passer les portes, et je n'ai pas compris de suite que l'on pouvait utiliser la souris ^^"

Avez-vous pensé à un apprentissage du gameplay où l'on est un peu plus tenu par la main?

Félicitation en tout cas pour votre travail, on vous souhaite une bonne continuation

Hello ! Bravo, votre jeu est superbe !

L'histoire est vraiment prenante et bien inspirée, et l'on s'imprègne bien de l'atmosphère du jeu (notamment la salle du sable :3 )

Juste un peu bloqué pour l'énigme de la culpabilité (qui est plus évidente pour un anglophone je me suis rendu compte ; en français je tournais autour sans vraiment trouver ^^") mais sinon c'était une très belle expérience :)

Merci à vous et bonne continuation pour la suite !


Ah ah good to hear, I'll check for the news :)

Wish you the best! Thanks a lot

What a lovely game and a touching story!

Thank you a lot for the ride, it was peaceful :3

I only regret I could only fly in two levels and not knowing how to go on the others (I see them in the video tests) ^^"

Wondeful! This game put the biggest smile on my face today :D

Love the way you subtly interract with the characters and make part of the action. Beautiful art, beautiful song, beautiful game!

Hello :) I tested your game and found the concept very cool (also the environment is beautiful), but in practice I didn't stay longer than a few minutes.

Maybe an interface differentiating more the several sounds on the obelisks could be more enjoyable, and it would be nice to see how it's influencing the environment (like changing the colors or other). Maybe more basses?

I don't say it in order to be mean (on the contrary), i would love to see a more complete version of this game, you made a really great job :)

Also, I encountered a bug, when you quit too fast an obelisk, the interface stay on the screen.

Wish you a good continuation, I'll stay informed.


Thanks for your answer ,I will stay informed of the future of this game, and I will definitively pay for a full game version :)

Good continuation to you !

Ah ah je me doute bien que nombre d'améliorations seront prévues par la suite et qu'il a fallu aller à l'essentiel pour cette première démo :) On vous souhaite tout le courage et la volonté nécessaire pour y arriver en tout cas, votre jeu ne promet que du bon !



While testing your demo, enjoying your beautiful art and your original concept ('cause there are and I enjoyed it :) ), I encoutered some problems. Indeed, playing on a keyboard alone, I had difficulties controlling both the character and the lightfairy and had to quit when those skills were the most required (I don't know if it's me who is terrible, or if other tester had the same problem ^^" ).

Apparently on gamepad (or even in coop) this problem is not a real one, but maybe a message inquiring the player to use a gamepad could help :)

Also, but this may be only my tastes, or it's intentional, I find the little girl quite disturbing ^^"

Except those "negative" comments, it's a wonderful game and I hope you'll be able to make it a full game :)


Wow, this is REALLY a relaxing game!

I mean, during 20 minutes, I only flew for the pleasure of flying (sorry, it wasn't interesting for me to try to collect the berries ^^" ), I tried to make tricks, went pfieeew and peeew, and even managed to do a barrel roll ! Plus the music, I really felt relaxed, calm :D

The only remark I have is, on the keyboard, when I go right or left, the movement is a little too harsh (but maybe it comes from my keyboard)

Hope you'll keep going on your adventure, but while this time, I'll play this demo when I'll need to chill out :)

Thanks for your game!

Ah ah awesome :D

That's what I call a fan art !

Ah ah merci beaucoup pour ta vidéo et tes impressions, on est content que tu aies passé un bon moment ! :D ça nous fait, en plus d'un chouette playtest, chaud au coeur ^^ . C'est vraiment cool en plus que tu fasses toutes ces vidéos sur des petits jeux qui sortent par ci par là :)

Hello, c'est la team d'Oma Lost :D

Vraiment très chouette démo qui a plein de potentiel et qui donne envie de le voir en jeu complet :) Le héros et la p'tite fille sont cool, vous avez super bien exploité vos mécanique possible, et la patte graphique, bien que dans l'ensemble soit parfois un peu incohérente, est vraiment jolie !

Pour les soucis que j'ai eu pendant la démo, j'avais un peu de mal à retenir les différentes combinaisons possibles (ça pourrait être sympa de les répertorier au fur et à mesure dans un menu ou quoi, y a des moments où je faisais juste des trucs en espérant que ça marche, et ça enlève un peu le côté réflexion ^^" ) ; dans un des niveaux (ça serait bien de les noter pour savoir un peu où l'on en est d'ailleurs ^^" ), il y a une plateforme qui se déplace horizontalement qui bug un peu, à savoir que quand un monstre bleu ou violet est dessus, il est repoussé vers la droite.

Sinon, outre les problèmes de narrations que vous connaissez déjà, il y a également le design du HUD, les textes, tout ça, qui pourrait être un peu mieux intégrés, en terme d'ergonomie et même visuel.

Enfin je dis tout ça, mais je me rend bien compte des contraintes qu'il peut y avoir en terme de temps sur un projet et que vous êtes probablement au courant de ces choses, donc c'est plus pour la continuation que je dis ça. Déjà là rien que cette démo était impressionnante ! :)

Félicitation à vous tous!

(PS: Les monstres me rappellent Max et les Maximonstres, c'est normal? :) )

Hi :D Thank you for what you said !

And thanks for the comment, we will fix that in the future :) Yes we hope Oma Lost will be a full game one day, we will make it possible.

On my way to try your game :)