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Hello :) I tested your game and found the concept very cool (also the environment is beautiful), but in practice I didn't stay longer than a few minutes.

Maybe an interface differentiating more the several sounds on the obelisks could be more enjoyable, and it would be nice to see how it's influencing the environment (like changing the colors or other). Maybe more basses?

I don't say it in order to be mean (on the contrary), i would love to see a more complete version of this game, you made a really great job :)

Also, I encountered a bug, when you quit too fast an obelisk, the interface stay on the screen.

Wish you a good continuation, I'll stay informed.


Hi Manu!

Thanks for the feedback - what you mentioned fits perfectly with feedback others have given, and is actually already partially fixed up!

We should have a final build out before the end of the month that addresses a lot of those issues. Thanks again for playing!

Pixelfoot Games


Ah ah good to hear, I'll check for the news :)

Wish you the best! Thanks a lot

I feel similarly about the game. It's neat at first but I think it needs more options to stay engaging.