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You can download the game for free, just input "0" when you name your price!

Well I did end up making a banner like you suggested. Tis' the extent of my skill. Thanks for the suggestion!

Same here. Still gonna try and beat it.

I love this idea

what are your goals with this game? Is it just an expirament or do you plan on expanding it?

How should I credit you if I use this?

yeah, If only I were better at art than I am. I've tried to create art for this game but unless I'm working pixel by pixel it never turns out. :P

oh that's good. The program has a lot of potential, do you plan on expanding it?

The game has great visuals but the controls can be kinda slippery, its easy to walk off the edge and stuff, but the overall concept is great.

I feel similarly about the game. It's neat at first but I think it needs more options to stay engaging.

This is a really cool idea. but those sprites look a lot like rpgmaker's, aren't you worried about getting in trouble?

Alright Guys, the game is bug free! (Until someone finds another hole in the system) I'd really appreciate feedback, so let me know what you think!

Thanks! Im working on fixing a few bugs I found out about after tge release (looks like 4 minths of playtestu g wasnt enough) once I get them ironed out the game will be just about as bug free as can be.

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The game looks good, but the mountains are pretty choppy. I think they'd look better if you smoothed them out a bit. This idea has a lot of potential.