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Yes of course :) Here

Ah I see. I'm gonna have to put out an update on the game, cos it's a nasty bug that keeps popping up. Thanks so much for letting me know.

I'll let you know when the update is out so you can continue your playthrough :)

You're welcome, I know that feeling when bugs appear on other computer ^^"

Thank you in advance for fixing it, I'll be glad to continue your game :3

Ah, and two other things I noticed, I didn't know if it was a bug, but when you make your first jump and you go down, after the "zenith" of the jump, the second jump is a little one. Is it intentional? And the second thing, at the very beginning,if you go to the left and jump into the gap, you make an infinite fall and you have to restart the game. (sorry for coming with all of this :o )

The jumping mechanics are a little weird but yeah that's intended. It's mainly about managing momentum as jumping after a huge jump can lead to a "little" jump as you mentioned. I may take another look at them and perhaps revamp them. That second part you mentioned is unintended and I'll have to take a look at that too. Thanks for your help :)


Ah ah you're welcome, thanks for your answer :)

Okay! I wasn't sure, and couldn't see if this behavior was used for further gameplay, I'll give you my impressions when I'll have finished this game :) (but there is no need to urge).

Thank you again for your work !

Hey there! New update is up. I had to remove some things in the map to make it work, so each time your go to the overworld you'll be at the "Home" position, but you'll at least be able to navigate the map. Just a tip : Unfinished levels appear in red and finished in green.

If you run into any more issues don't hesitate to get in touch :D

Hi! Thanks for fixing it so fast, I could finally finish your game :D

The story is very cool and immersive, also I really liked the ambiance you put in place !

Concerning the game, despite the gameplay was enjoyable and fluid (and the "strange" second jump wasn't a problem), I found the all a little too easy. I could developp this further, but it depends if you consider this game as a final version or if you still want to improve it (both options are okay though, and I don't want to be like "blablabla you should do that..." no ^^').

For finish, I noticed two minor issues (not real problems). In the overworld, I don't need to unlock the others level to go directly to the last, and also it didn't reset itself when i started a new game (but as is said it's not a big deal). And the other one is some glitch with the npc, when you speak to them while holding an arrow key, sometimes the hero keep going on this direction, either automatically, either while pressing a direction key.

I hope I didn't bothered you with all that, I really liked your game :) I'll play the others you made when I will have the time to ^^.

Thanks again !

Thanks so much for playing it. I really really appreciate you taking the time :D

Oh yeah, there are a great number of issues that are still in there from when I put it out last October. I may have to go back and clean it up (as I need to do with a few of my other games). I've become a much better dev over the last few months (or so I think) so a lot of that stuff can be fixed. Thanks for all your help and critiques, it's great :)

Ah ah good to hear it :D And you're welcome, it was a pleasure discovering your game ^^ I'll stay tuned to see more of your work, and if you need beta tester in the future, I'd love to help you :)