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Sorry to hear. Our Linux build is currently highly experimental, but we are looking into ways to make them more stable, so stay tuned.

Our current build isn't that well optimized, so we are currently looking at ways to improve the performance of Strobophagia. Coming patches will hopefully fix some or most of the lag, depending on your setup.

TLDR: We know, stay tuned.

Sorry to hear that. We will try to get a Mac into the office so we have an easier way to troubleshoot those issues. In the meantime, what specs does your Mac have?

Great feedback! About Bucheum, they did tell you to bring an offering, didn't they? An offering is an offering, after all.

The aggressive dancers aren't supposed to enter the dance floor though, so both that and the infinite running away are bugs. The survival from being attacked part is poorly explained, we'll look into making that clearer. 

Strange. We'll try to reproduce it on our side, but you could try the new patch and see if it is fixed.

Experimental OSX version up and running, hope it works for you.

We could build an OSX version for you, but the problem for us is that we can't test if it works. Therefore, no promises on if it will actually work, but an OSX version will probably be built and ready for blind testing in the coming week.