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I'm blown away at how high-quality this demo was. The characters, background, and special effects are goregous! The art is amazing. 

I love the ablity to customize our character's personality and the chance to raise our stats. However, I'm not sure how effective the stat raising is. 

Each class raises two different stats (eg: caligraphy raises both quickness and composure). If someone wanted a "cool & calculated" character, they would take caligraphy for the composure but the quickness isn't needed. If someone wanted a "sporty rebel" character, they would want the quickness but maybe not the composure. 

In order to get our stats up in a way we want, maybe each class can raise +2 in a specifc skill? Or if we need to have 2 different skills raised per class, maybe they can be closely related. Geomancy raises both magic power & control, which I think is reasonable (unless someone really wanted a "weak power but strong control" character or vice versa). 

The way the game is set is just fine the way it is, but the characters will always come out a little less specialized. I tried making a character with strong mind skills but symbology raises logic & endurance, and zoology raises academics & force. By the end of it, I had someone with great mind skills but also surprisingly beefy lol. 

That's not a bad thing, but the game also mentioned the importance on focusing on a few skills than many. The ability to raise only the intended skills can make for some fun character stats. It'll be really satisfying.

Overall, thats just a minor nitpick and I think this game is amazing! I'm absolutely blown away. I'll try to support it when I can! <3

I was just looking around for nsfw stories with choices but what I found was leagues better. 

I didn't expect myself to be this attatched to the characters and this invested in the story! Next thing I knew, I was striving to be the best dad ever (while occasionally pushing the boundaries).

Abby is an absolute angel that is always so nice (especially when Lilly is being...Lilly). Lily is... difficult, but seeing her slowly change is extremely rewarding. I'm also in love with how intelligent Becca is. She's so clever and I love how she's so supportive in her own cunning way. Mei is so damn cute I thought I was gonna cry seeing her smile lol.

I love all the characters so much, even the minor characters. (Hiro, Tomoko, the Judge, Vanessa and Beth...) I've easily gone though over 10 hours of content and I'm super invested. I'd love to support the project when I can!

Wow! I love how much choice you have in the game and I love seeing how each choice affects future dialog. 

Everyone looks so cute and I love it (Ron & Ned especially). It was impossible for me to choose favorites, I tried to get on everyone's good books haha

Is it possible to have Vincent like you without throwing Ned under the bus? (I love Ned but my inner hoe needs to get it on with everyone lol)

I definitely plan on hopping on that patreon. I love it! :D

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How do I open the menu and how do I save? Love the game so far 

Blind Men community · Created a new topic Future content?

First of all, I loved this game to bits.

Interesting characters and the ability to be the big bad (who gets flustered easily)? Yes, yes, and yes. Loved it so much that I know many people (myself included) who long for more content! Would there be a possibility of a part 2? Even just the novel part of a visual novel ? I wish this was longer! It was like getting a taste of something you couldn't get more of. 

This can't be the last of Doctor Cyclops!

Could there be a way we can adjust the difficulty? 

I can never grow my army at the pace the enemies come in and I can never get any of the higher level enemies in my party... I'm very bad at this game haha

I love this game so much! I love how you can have several different routes depending on how you go about things and how you have the option of dating everyone at once (I'm the type of person who will restart games to go after other love interests so being able to date everyone seperaately at the same time is fantastic, ,,,also the main guy has the best time management skills ever lmao)

Love this game! Makes me feel like a clever and sneaky mastermind when in reality I'm just fooling around. The concept of hiding from the government and slowly taking over via mindcontrol is so much fun to play!

I love the abundance of choices/routes, and events! Easily one of my fav games on

Thanks!  My mystic is terrible so that might explain it!

How do I trigger that event? I've been wandering the crypts for quite a while now? I think I'm missing something? Thanks for the reply! :)

Oh that's fantastic! That's exactly what I meant! I seem to always make the choices that make Cove quiet even when I create an engeretic character or a quiet one. I'm so happy you guys already were going to do that <3 

Thanks so much for the reply! 

When more of the game is out it would be fantastic if there were some optional tips to get help creating the right dynamic <3

Will def be jumping into the patreon soon! Seeing an update becomes the highlight of my week :D

I can't pry open the gravestone in the crypt because my companion stops me. How do I get past this section? (great game btw)

I absolutely LOVE the fact that we can manually choose how close you and Cove are and how the dialogue only shapes your personality. It really allows for different dynamics and thats so unique!

I see that choosing the quiet options makes Cove quiet, and the cheerful options makes him more cheerful, etc. But is there going to be a way to make an interaction where you're quiet and Cove is cheerful, or you're the louder of the two while he is quiet and shy?

This is my favorite game I've come across!

Rinny flew me over to the graveyard and I walked around the crypts until I found the tomb with the message about the confusing layout. I exit and I'm at the new location outside. There's another searchable tomb and Rinny stops me from opening it. 

I know I'm supposed to do something so Rinny get's trapped? I surrendered to the whispers several times, and same for the grave hands. I searched almost every square of the graveyard/crypt area and I still have no idea how to progress! 

I noticed other people were stuck here too, but the hints shared don't make sense to me... Help!