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I never played Dead By Dayliight before but I'm loving this game a lot! Lots of customization and choices. I'm trying (and failing) to avoid simping for the shade, but that's just me lol

I wish there were some more personality choices (dialogue choices or internal thougts/monologues that don't always affect the plot, but can further display the MC's personality [eg: are they a sofite, a do-gooder, pragmatic, stoic, playful, depressed, scared, awkward... etc. Does MC do good because it's the right thing? Do they do it for approval? Do they only help only when it's serious? Have they given up? Is MC brave? Reckless? Careful but making smart risks? Fearful?)

Overall I'm a big fan of how the story is going, so feel free to ignore my rambling if it doesn't follow your intended direction. Love it!

Just played with some different choices and I'm honestly blown away by how differently the story goes each time! This genuinely feels like the most expansive choice-game I've ever played (and I've played A LOT)

That's amazing! This game is honestly one of the few games where you can feel how each choice impacts the story/dialogue and I love it so much! 

I know this post is old, but I hope you're still feeling good and aren't suffering from lingering effects! Please take care of yourself, I love your game but your health always should come first :)

I love the plot and the scenes we get, but there's definitely something super confusing about which options are available. 

Warning: major spoilers?

eg: I tried warning the Jarl about the betrayal, but I couldn't find the option to do so. I stayed neutral and nothing happened. I switched sides and was scolded for making such a terrrible choice. I went back and saw that I now had the option to go forward with the reporting choice. Only THEN was I told that the option wasn't available yet. I also got the option of seducing Ivar. It referenced the harness and I didn't know I still had it on. I want to remove it. Then the game gave me the hint that in order to seduce him, I'll need the cage & harness, and I'll have to fuck up really badly to get those options. Interesting.

My only complaint is that the game only shows the "hint" after I achieve the goal. Ideally, the game would start off with the "seduce" button, and then maybe the hint would tell me why I can't go forward just yet. I'm fine with the side with the Jarl options aren't ready, but why did the option to try, and the text explainnig it wasn't ready not available from the start? Especially after the Butcher tells you to do exactly that.

I think if an option is not complete, the option should still exist and just say "unfinished". Or if an option has requirement to be made available, not having the hint visible until after you meet the requirements doesn't make sense. 

Aside from all the confusion, I really do like this project a lot and I have zero complaints of the actual game/story part of it. 

2 bugs & some questions:

1. In the brothel, if you have Judas's charm, you can pray, but when you try a buff (I only tried the skill buff so I can't confirm the others), the "finish" button appears and clicking it makes but button dissapear abd leaves you stuck on that page. You're able to undo the action but it means you can't get the skill buff while in the brothel.

2. After the Alpha Wold event (taken to the den & having a pup), all future birth events replayed in the same way:

I'll be home, give birth, and the birth scene is describing me giving birth in the den with the wolf + nursing the pup. Another time I gave birth in the brothel and the birth scene was in the den again (I didn't get to keep any brothel money). Another time I was captured by goblins and when I gave birth, I was in the den again.  I'm not sure what caused it.

Question: Does the stray dog (after you feed it the first time) show up whenever it wants, or do I need to leave the food out? My experience so far is that he comes over if I leave the food out, but usually comes over anyway even if I don't leave food out (I was trying to get more homeless man action haha). I also bought like 5 bits of dog food but I only used the first one to directly feed the dog the first time. Leaving the food out doesn't consume a dog food portion?

Overall amazing game though! Love the amount of content.

Really fun so far! I'm noticing that a lot of the choice texts are cut-off near the end though. Not quite sure how to fix it because it didn't go away even after fiddling around with the settings or widening the screen

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Wow, these updates look super exciting! Brb gonna restart my save so I can see all the npc's with their new skins :D

A little unrelated, but in a future update can we get a description of what each personality stat does specifically? I'm guessng "mean" says more mean phrases, "bratty" relates to the resistance percentage, "coward" relates to the fear percentage? But what exactly does dom/sub and naive do? 

Also, as someone who likes to make arrogant "doms" get the sub treatment, I'm thankful for all your forced content both on the MC and the NPC. 10/10 my favorite parts are where you can tell Eliza to gfto and she just does her thing anyway lol

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I came across this game yesterday and I'm already a huge fan. I personally love any content where the MC has the option to be agressive/prideful but is forced to be submissive. (self-proclaimed tops being made into bottoms and all that) I find it hard to find games  that has those choices (usually only tough top and owo subby only) so I absolutely love that you provide so many reaction options in scenes. I especially like the mental ward test scenes with the soft bad end. 

I'm curious though, how does each personality stat change encounters? (brat/mean/subby/impatient/naive/coward) For example, how does naive vs perceptive work? Can we see a quick description of those stats somewhere? 

Also, what differences does the gender affect the gameplay? The intro said that it can change how others treat you. What does that look like? I like that there are some differences though. That lets us customise our story even more. 

I'm also amazed at your update speed. 10/10 game, I'll definely try to support

I've been following for maybe around 2-3 years and I really notice a lot of improvement and change in the game. I don't know why some people are so mad and trying to rush you. We see monthly updates and that's honestly a miracle on itch with all the abandoned games here. I think spending the time to make a good game is worth the time.

My one comment/complaint is that I honestly how no clue how the fishing minigame works. I've leveled up fishing to full and fish for the 6 hours to raise my chances but I don't think I've ever caught one. With the update I see there's a black oval that appears and fades, but clicking on it doesn't catch a fish. In the next attempt the oval is in the same spot but when I click it, the game tells me not to click on the same spot. I'm super lost on how to do this.

Other than that, I'm really amazed at all the content that's already in the game. I'm pretty sure I haven't seen all the scenes yet and that's saying a lot. It's been fun maxing out all the stats and seeing the changes. The hidden stats are also fun, even though they're not kinks I personally a fan of. It's really cool to see anyway. I'm a huge fan of multiple endings and consequences, so I'll probably restart to play more carefully so I can reach the ending I'd want to start the 2nd game with. But for now, I'm just trying to do everything available and having fun doing so. Thanks for all the work and the consistency! 

It's a bit of a strange game where they don't really explain the mechanics before you start. 

Theres a meter on the side which I think is the applicant's emotions? Or maybe it's the MC's emotions because I've had it at full and still had an applicant leave. It's also unclear that flirt/perfume/seduce/vibrator do. Do they raise the chance of the applicant wanting to join?? At the end the game shows you a scorce card to show how qualified the applicant was. Even that feels a bit unclear. Some people come in talking about how hard they'll work, but it doesn't count towards motivation or attitude. 

It seems like flirt costs money to do (which isn't explained) and I'm not sure what the benefit is when we can hire them without it. I'm just so confused

I can't say much good or bad about the game after playing it for a while because of how undefined the rules are. I think a tutorial would go a long way? 

They definitely did my man Philip dirty, but these comments make it seem like his wife hated his guts! Could've been much worse lol

Would the team be open to create an endless version of neurolink facility so we could experience god-like chaos? 

Really interesting mechanic and I really enjoy the ability to help the characters (even "angels" like Marvin)! 

Loved Bound to College so I know this one will turn out amazing

I did and it was the same as ending the converation at any other point. 

Although good news! I did manage to reach the 0 conviction result when I tried again with hypnosis and got -11 conviction (and maybe higher trust?)

I managed to get Nersmias's conviction at -1 but the conversation continued and when I ended it, I still had to make a "deal" with him for me to talk to Sillan :( 

Thank you so much! I shouldn't have given up so easily in the market haha.

One more question... how do I raise confidence? Thanks for being so helpful!

Why am I unable to find the mall? Am I missing something? 

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I'm pretty obsessed with the neurolink demo. It's so satisfying! I'd love to know more about the passives the different careers have (and hopefully see more abilities?) Crazy addicting 

Definitely buying the steam game when it comes out

Wow. Great artwork, amazing animation, intresting characters with cool quests, AND satisfying combat mechanic. Just wow!

Opening the internet/shopping on the computer leads to an error. But the rest of the game is fairly fun 

This is by far one of my favorite games with how many characters there are and the choices available with Emma and how you want to proceed with Vera's team. I was also pleasantly surprised with some minor bi content after the updates. (I always felt it was unfair to ignore Emma's kinky wishes lol

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I'm in love with how Now & Forever is doing so much more than the original (which was already amazing).

We have two different characters to choose from (or choose both if we're friends/familial) and we have SO MUCH MORE CHOICE in not jut looks, but how we respond.

The texts change depending on your level of enthusiasm or hatred for the new changes and you can choose how verbal you are (which I also love). 

Also a huuuuge fan that the choices contain teasing/praising, idolising/doting, and contesting/deffering. (I can't wait to adjust that for the other two in the actual game) AND the addition of a jelousy option has me giddy. 

I feel like the target audience can already trust GB Patch to do a great job and I'd very gladly just throw my money at this ambitious project. Even this demo has so much choice and an astonishing amount of replayability.

(My one complaint is that both games are available on Mac on itch, but on steam only allows Windows play.)

I'm absolutely blown away by how they were able to make an already-perfect game even better!

I loved the original Our Life, but this also adds exacly what I wanted more of! 

- More MC customization (and the ability to finally see our faces when we interact + changing facial expressions!)

-More relationship customization (different levels of romantic or platonic/familial love)

-More MC dialogue/action choices (not just the usual three! and the RANGE of choices!)

- More MC personality customization (not just outgoing/shy, but even doting/idolizing, teasing/praising!) Hope we get to change that for the other two too (would be fun to see idolizing & idolizing interaction, or "overconfident MC with supporting doting friend (doting & doting)" etc. The combinations of interactions are so exciting!)

-The ability to add conflict (for us drama-lovers) with the optional "jelousy" system?!

GB Patch Games you're too kind!I will gladly throw my cash at this game

...My one last wish is that I hope both games could someday be available on Mac via Steam? 

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I'm 20 hours in and I'm amazed at how much content is in here. There are so many side quests and different ways to move forwards (especially love all the different choices provided to win Mr. Wilson's favor)

I'm a huge fan of the main character. Instead of the "generic perv" we see in most adult games, we have someone truly unhinged in the best way possible. Seeing him not quite understand why everyone is shocked at his inapproriate ideas is very fun to see. The insightful dream sequences with him and Ruth are the cherry on top. All the students are all all interesting/likable and are fun to get to know. I didn't think I'd be a big fan of Debbie but she really grows on you after you "team up" with her

I'll definitely be sending money to show my support for such a well-built game!

Hi! Just played through the demo and I loved it! 

I was planning to buy the game on steam, but I notice the steam version only supports PC? But the version supports both pc and mac? I was really hoping to buy on steam (I like all my games stored in the same place) but I'm a mac user and I wouldn't be able to play it. Why is this the case? 

If there is any help or info I could get about that I'd be more than happy to buy in a flash! I'm very eager to play after the awesome demo :D

Side question: Do Terrance and Bastian interact with each other even after the route splits in the intro? I really liked their interactions, I hope the other doesn't dissapear entirely after the choice! 

First and only game on itch that I bought and it's honestly amazing how much you can customize your personality and story. Anyone who is on the fence should absolutely give this game a chance (and get it on steam!)

The art is amazing and I like the idea of all these paths we can take!

If I could make one suggestion, I was hoping if the "clicking to find hidden money" could have slightly larger targets? (eg: clicking on the drawer vs clicking on a specific point on the drawer) I know that's why the help icon is there, but even with the help the spot to click is pretty small...

Other than that minor thing, I think this all looks amazing! I love the different plotlines going on. 

The demo was surprisingly short, but I'm in love with the artwork and how the dialogue changes with each soup! It's not a simple pass/fail, but it branches out to many conversations. Very fun!

My one complaint is that I wish there was a way to click through text or skip them? The intro is always the same so getting to the "meat" of the story can take a bit long (no pun intended haha).

It's absolutely lovely so far and I hope it gets more attention! <3

I was wondering the same thing. I played an older version and I was able to buy the red dress for the nightclub, but now it says it's not in the game? I feel like I'm able to access less content?

I'm blown away at how high-quality this demo was. The characters, background, and special effects are goregous! The art is amazing. 

I love the ablity to customize our character's personality and the chance to raise our stats. However, I'm not sure how effective the stat raising is. 

Each class raises two different stats (eg: caligraphy raises both quickness and composure). If someone wanted a "cool & calculated" character, they would take caligraphy for the composure but the quickness isn't needed. If someone wanted a "sporty rebel" character, they would want the quickness but maybe not the composure. 

In order to get our stats up in a way we want, maybe each class can raise +2 in a specifc skill? Or if we need to have 2 different skills raised per class, maybe they can be closely related. Geomancy raises both magic power & control, which I think is reasonable (unless someone really wanted a "weak power but strong control" character or vice versa). 

The way the game is set is just fine the way it is, but the characters will always come out a little less specialized. I tried making a character with strong mind skills but symbology raises logic & endurance, and zoology raises academics & force. By the end of it, I had someone with great mind skills but also surprisingly beefy lol. 

That's not a bad thing, but the game also mentioned the importance on focusing on a few skills than many. The ability to raise only the intended skills can make for some fun character stats. It'll be really satisfying.

Overall, thats just a minor nitpick and I think this game is amazing! I'm absolutely blown away. I'll try to support it when I can! <3

I was just looking around for nsfw stories with choices but what I found was leagues better. 

I didn't expect myself to be this attatched to the characters and this invested in the story! Next thing I knew, I was striving to be the best dad ever (while occasionally pushing the boundaries).

Abby is an absolute angel that is always so nice (especially when Lilly is being...Lilly). Lily is... difficult, but seeing her slowly change is extremely rewarding. I'm also in love with how intelligent Becca is. She's so clever and I love how she's so supportive in her own cunning way. Mei is so damn cute I thought I was gonna cry seeing her smile lol.

I love all the characters so much, even the minor characters. (Hiro, Tomoko, the Judge, Vanessa and Beth...) I've easily gone though over 10 hours of content and I'm super invested. I'd love to support the project when I can!

Wow! I love how much choice you have in the game and I love seeing how each choice affects future dialog. 

Everyone looks so cute and I love it (Ron & Ned especially). It was impossible for me to choose favorites, I tried to get on everyone's good books haha

Is it possible to have Vincent like you without throwing Ned under the bus? (I love Ned but my inner hoe needs to get it on with everyone lol)

I definitely plan on hopping on that patreon. I love it! :D

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How do I open the menu and how do I save? Love the game so far 

Blind Men community · Created a new topic Future content?

First of all, I loved this game to bits.

Interesting characters and the ability to be the big bad (who gets flustered easily)? Yes, yes, and yes. Loved it so much that I know many people (myself included) who long for more content! Would there be a possibility of a part 2? Even just the novel part of a visual novel ? I wish this was longer! It was like getting a taste of something you couldn't get more of. 

This can't be the last of Doctor Cyclops!

Could there be a way we can adjust the difficulty? 

I can never grow my army at the pace the enemies come in and I can never get any of the higher level enemies in my party... I'm very bad at this game haha

I love this game so much! I love how you can have several different routes depending on how you go about things and how you have the option of dating everyone at once (I'm the type of person who will restart games to go after other love interests so being able to date everyone seperaately at the same time is fantastic, ,,,also the main guy has the best time management skills ever lmao)

Love this game! Makes me feel like a clever and sneaky mastermind when in reality I'm just fooling around. The concept of hiding from the government and slowly taking over via mindcontrol is so much fun to play!

I love the abundance of choices/routes, and events! Easily one of my fav games on

Thanks!  My mystic is terrible so that might explain it!