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Hi! Just played through the demo and I loved it! 

I was planning to buy the game on steam, but I notice the steam version only supports PC? But the version supports both pc and mac? I was really hoping to buy on steam (I like all my games stored in the same place) but I'm a mac user and I wouldn't be able to play it. Why is this the case? 

If there is any help or info I could get about that I'd be more than happy to buy in a flash! I'm very eager to play after the awesome demo :D

Side question: Do Terrance and Bastian interact with each other even after the route splits in the intro? I really liked their interactions, I hope the other doesn't dissapear entirely after the choice! 

Hi there! Thanks for giving the Synthetic Lover demo a shot!
We've had some technical difficulties with a Mac version on Steam, and haven't figured out a way around yet unfortunately.

Bastian and Terrance do interact in the game again, in Bastian's route.