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It worked on my SteamDeck great. But we can add Linux to the updated build.

I want to understand what we failed to communicate here. The portal is directly in front of the player. At spawn. One portal part is in front of you. One portal part is already in the portal. When you pick up the part part using the UI indicated on screen, then you can drag it to the portal. Once you’ve done that, I believe it’s clear you need to find 8 parts.

We failed to communicate at some point in that sequence. Which part did we loose you?

It’s a bit of a horror game. A mini map might kinda break the aesthetic. I think some people were a little greedy with the unlimited ammo we gave and didn’t realize they could light the trees on fire.

I do think we could have like a light pulse telling you where the portal pieces are. They’re mostly in visible or in areas indicated by bright lights.

Yeah, I believe that is because the AI can’t navigate there and that’s what’s causing the frame drop. We’re looking into that.

Good news: the Linux version work on the Steam Deck. Bad News: it has a different game breaking bug (testing objects in scene let you skip the whole game; I was testing the end sequence when I build the final version)

Godot4 is… messy.

We had a game breaking “it works on my machine” bug. We had a submission that might work, but we spend the extra hour doing some polish instead of fixing that bug since we didn’t know about.

We knew unforseen issues were possible/probably with Godot4, but it was so pretty so we took the risk.

Anyway, we have a build that works. If anyone wants to play it, we will post it, but we can’t update this page. We understand if we cannot be judged for our fixed game. But we would like it to be played on the Stream, even if you won’t judge it.

That sucks. We had a working build at the first deadline. We did some polish minor fixes and now it doesn’t work.

We can’t update the build.

Any chance we could get thumbsticks? Directions would be amazing, but even just a L and R stick would be nice.

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Your theme is LOVELY and immediate buy+follow from me. I hope to see more themes from you! You should really have an HTML5 demo project here so people can see it in action!

BTW, if into your tres files and replace:

[ext_resource path="res://pixel_ui_theme/m5x7.ttf" type="DynamicFontData" id=3]

– with –

[ext_resource path="./m5x7.ttf" type="DynamicFontData" id=3]

Then people won’t need to put the theme in a particular path.

(and replace res://pixel_ui_theme with . in all of your tres files)

I love how you've handled the camera. It's really easy in a game of this perspective to "feel" like you're moving forward, but since you frame the camera has a first person camera and force you to jump, it really "feels" like your falling.
(my only, very minor suggestion, would be speed lines at the edge of the camera and/or lower the FOV as you speed up)

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Thanks you. Gotm seems unreliable at times. perhaps I need to try a different multiplayer backend.

It is actually a solved game for order to win. However I do not know that strategy and I won't help you find it.

I could probably make that happen, but it's a multiplayer game. To do that I would need to figure out hole punching or I would have to ask you to Port forward. The target audience is highly casual and I shouldn't expect them to do that.

There are a couple of alternative tools. Obviously I don't want to put it on Steam for a jam, but something like heroku might actually work here.

good. it was good.

That's strange. I haven't seen that from anyone else, but I haven't tried it on Mac.

Did you try downloading it? If there is another user in your house or you can arrange port forwarding, the desktop version works with other desktops

Would a slower spawner and less health work?

psssst: put this on your exit button ;)

extends Button

func _ready():

    if OS.get_name() == "HTML5":




This is a tool for Palettes in general, not really a *dream* palate. It was built before the jam to aid with the voting process.

oof who uses rar in 2020?


 if anyone gives a shit, I might get back to this project, but until I have a reason to, cannot be fucked.

Controls are in the escape menu. I should have made them an overlay.

They are in the esc menu. WASD is pitch and yaw, QE are roll. Hold right click to move the camera around. Z/X for Max/min thrust, R/F for a little thrust at a time.

It looks like game pads don't work on Windows. Game plays great on a keyboard though.

Neither. I decided to shift my focus back on my main project. If you have an idea and need a programmer, we still have time.

I'm really struggling with this theme. I don't have any ideas that I like enough to put a week of my life into.

If you're an artist with an idea, lets talk. Maybe we can work together.

I'm planning on using Godot 3.1. I know I can knock out a simple game in short order with that.

like what?

Im feeling this. I have a handful of ideas but I don't particularly like any of them. And even if I did like them, I think most of them would be difficult to accomplish within a week.

Some of these ideas are story-heavy and that is difficult to accomplish within a week. Some of these ideas are mechanics-heavy and lying based mechanics sound more frustrating than fun.